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January 2016
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January 10, 2016

Looking Good in Red


The crowd light up the night sky

So, 2016 is well and truly here.  I don’t know about you lot but I saw it in on the Northbank just opposite the London Eye.  It’s the first time in my 15 years living in London that I have ventured into town on NYE to watch the fireworks – and it comes highly recommended.  Not only was the show spectacular, but the atmosphere was amazing too – everyone was there to have a good time and, even though the alcohol was flowing and the music pumping, it wasn’t like your average night out in town.  There was none of the aggression often associated with large levels of inebriation – in fact, I’d go as far as to say there was a sense of community, comradeship almost – and the pretences that often come up on the dancefloor were conspicuous in their absence. 

Claire puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is for Unicef

The final countdown…

Maybe it was in part to do with the Mayor’s partnership with Unicef throughout the proceedings, or perhaps it was more to do with the promise of a new beginnings, a fresh start.  It might even have had something to do with my own perspective – after a break from work I was feeling refreshed and ready for anything – even the tube journey home afterwards (which was surprisingly simple).


Nine days later and already it feels like a distant memory (a week in the office does that to you!), but I am determined to hold on to that sense of unity.  Sometimes it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there as we jostle for jobs, housing, partners even, and with that comes a level of competition.  But what NYE reminded me was that if we can face the challenges of 2016 together and help each other out through difficult times, maybe, just maybe, we will all fare a little better.  And, as I’m not doing Dry January, that is definitely something I’ll be drinking to, right though the year.

by Shelly Berry. Find out more about Shelly Berry here.

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