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This blog relates the ups and downs of moving to Umbria plus reviews and information on local services, restaurants, festas and cultural events. Art and Cookery. More Info

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March 2017
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Umbria! Not just for holidays!


This blog is about my transition from being in Umbria purely for ‘la vacanza’ to actually living there .  It is about the end of work in the UK and the beginning of new ventures in Italy. About coming to terms with the language, making new friends, battling with Italian Technology and bureaucracy and finding out what I need to preserve from my old UK  life and what I’m happy to leave behind.

In addition I will be reviewing restaurants,  attending festas and cultural events and providing useful information on local services.

My love affair with Italy, and in particular Umbria,  began at the age of eighteen when my father took the family on a trip retracing his service there during World War Two. We were befriended by a delightful Italian family whilst camping at Lido Trasimeno (they spoke only Italian. Us only English)  but somehow we managed!  I will be forever grateful to them for introducing us to the REAL Italy and not the one usually experienced by tourists.  From that day on I was totally captivated and determined that one day I would live in Umbria.   It’s  taken a long time but at last I am realising that dream.

This blog will, I hope, be of interest to everyone whether they are holidaying or thinking of moving  to Italy or newly settled in Umbria. Please understand that all the opinions I express in this blog are purely personal and are not intended to hurt or offend anyone, only to amuse!

So please laugh, and sometimes cry with me as I embark on my new life!

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Judi Brereton