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March 2017
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Très calme in the Correze

Brain and Marriages

March 5, 2017

Been to have my MRI scan and after the specialist and everything is normal. Thought it would be.

I work in the garden in the spring, summer and autumn and because of the fresh air and exercise I have no problems sleeping. In the winter I have a real problem so take half a sleeping pill each night. The specialist thinks that my seizures tablets and the sleeping pill do not mix so I have stopped taking them.

We had a good night at Eric’s bar, La Cabana in Chamberet. We had beef bourguigon which was so tender. He had live music The music was good easy to dance to. Had a lovely dance with Jose the Portuguese plumber. We were the only ones on the floor dancing and I think the people looking on were surprised at how high I can do the kicks.

We are off to Wales as our son is getting married. Very small affair just her mum and dad and us. In April they are having a small celebration with rest of the family. Then in July our youngest daughter is getting married. Again just a small one. We have always said they should have whatever they want when they get married. Marriages are very expensive now.

When we come back from Wales we can start again on the building work and I will rotavate the vegetable garden and plant vegetables. So we will enjoy the break.

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