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A blog about writing tips, tricks, techniques, criticism and resources for Monaco and Riviera-based amateur and working scribblers and student writers. More Info

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March 2017
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Totally Write!


I’m a retired Canuck ex-pat, living in Monaco with my wife, my daughter, and Lucie the guard Biewer (all two kilos of her). Local friends have told me that I take a typically Canadian approach to all things, including writing. Apparently, this is another way of saying that I’m usually laid-back, blunt, direct, and generally not a fan of anything bearing the taint of political correctness.

I’ve a graduate degree in English, a law degree and professional teacher certification, and I’ve spent more years teaching in college English classrooms than I’d care to enumerate. I’ve also spent far too much time as a lawyer and business communications consultant. Amazingly, I’ve managed to retain a few of my marbles, mostly through an obsession with bluegrass guitar that I managed to work into my teaching and writing. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my work published (a writing text, a novel, some poetry, bits and pieces of other stuff). I’ve managed to talk the talk as a teacher of writing, and walk the walk as a working writer, and I’ve got some interesting lessons, ideas, techniques and observations I’m hoping to share in this blog. I’m also interested in learning from other Monaco and Riviera writers whose experience differs from mine, so I’m looking forward to maximum feedback. 

Whether you’re a working writer, a student looking for tips and tricks for college papers, an aspiring fiction writer, a corporate employee who is struggling with business English, or just someone who loves scribbling, there will be something for you at Totally Write! sooner or later.  

Drop by Totally Write! for a visit — I’d love to hear from you. You can also look me up on LinkedIn. I’m working on a new website, and I’ll add a link for you when the site goes live.