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The Seoul Story

The Seoul Story

Filling the Void – Snowboarding in Korea’s Indoor Slopes

October 10, 2014 by Odie in Seoul

Seoul expat, John Shaw, is a snowboard enthusiast and blogger for Korea Snow.  He gives info on how he beat the summer-time blues and got through the heat by hitting… Read more…

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Travel to Vietnam from Korea – Helpful Advice

January 27, 2014 by Odie in Seoul

Travel from Korea for vacation can sometimes be complicated.  Information in English is scarce and sometimes we can only rely on travel forums or friends for help.  That’s why many… Read more…

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Meet Joey Doyle – Bringing Dublin’s Pub Life to Bundang

December 10, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

Sometimes living in Korea can be difficult.  Loneliness for some, stressful work for others, or bad weather can sometimes put rather cheerful expats in a bad mood.  Cheering up with… Read more…

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5 Reasons Why Fitness is Better with BAFIK

September 4, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

Not too long ago, I interviewed Ian Matthews about his expat business, British Army Fitness in Korea (BAFIK).  BAFIK is an intense full body workout.  There’s no gym, no equipment,… Read more…

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Cafe Travel Maker – A breakfast for the rest of us!

August 6, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

    There are certain times of the day kimchi with fish and rice can be savored and enjoyed. The aroma…. appetizing. Breakfast, for the average foreigner, is certainly not… Read more…

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Meet Ian Matthews – Seoul’s Boot Camp Brit

July 2, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

If your like me, coming to Korea has improved your diet.  The ‘Western’ diet, full of carbs and large plates, gets replaced by rice and shared meals around burning coals…. Read more…

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The Best Pancakes in Seoul

June 11, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

 The Original Pancake House, serving pancakes as they were originally meant to be made and served, is actually here in Seoul! After being in Seoul for almost three and a… Read more…

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Meet Julia Mellor – Korea’s Makgeolli Mama

April 30, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

It’s amazing what good food and drink can do to bring people together.  Julia Mellor has certainly made that idea into more than just a hobby.  I had the pleasure… Read more…

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Photo & Imaging Show | COEX

April 2, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

The COEX Photo and Imaging Show (  is having a special offer:      …take advantage of it while you can.  I know I will! UPDATE:  The contest is over… Read more…

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5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Seoul Zoo

March 27, 2013 by Odie in Seoul

    Spring is here, the weather is warmer, and it is time to get out!   But where to go? And who to go with, if anyone? A large… Read more…

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