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The Seoul Expat Review


The Seoul Expat Review is a guide to local businesses for newbies as well as seasoned expats. You can ‘be in the know before you go’ to get your next haircut, doctor’s appointment, bicycle, —for just about anything you need for living here.

All foreigners are invited to share their expertise and experiences. Spread the word and help your fellow expats!

We welcome all submissions, but please see the *submission guidelines and the **suggested style guide for how to write and send in your article.

Views & opinions expressed in The Seoul Expat Review are those of the individual writers, and may or may not express the views held by AngloINFO Seoul.


*Submission Guidelines

  1. This goal of this blog is to help fellow expats make informed and educated decisions. Please draft your review with this in mind.
  2. You may submit reviews and pictures to [email protected]. All submissions will be screened by AngloINFO editors for content and suitability. Any submission can be accepted or rejected based on the editors’ discretion.
  3. Reviews must be fair and balanced, written with positive and/or negative descriptions. Please remember that businesses, in most cases, are owned by foreigners, or locals who are willing to serve the foreign community and deserve due respect.  Any articles written which contain abusive, inflammatory, or extremely negative language will not be considered for publishing. Slander will not be published.
  4. Content submitted must be the experience of the author and not the experience of a second or third party. Experiences of other parties may be referenced, but they may not be used as the basis for the article.


**Suggested Style Guide


  1. A good review blog will possibly answer these questions:

1.1.     What were you in need of or looking for?

1.2.     Why did you choose the business that you are reviewing?

1.3.     Did you have an understanding of this business or had you heard about it prior to making your decision?

1.4.     What did you like?

1.5.     What did you dislike?

1.6.     Were your expectations met?

1.7.     Did you have any expectations that were unmet?

1.8.     Would you recommend this business?

1.9.     How can others contact this business?

2. The review article should help readers understand the services that a business offers and how that business can be contacted.


For an example of a review article: Click here