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Romance is in the Air as Korea Celebrates White Day

March 14, 2017

Happy White Day!

One of the exciting new experiences you can have in Korea is celebrating South Korea’s version of Valentine’s Day (Part 2), called White Day. It is one of the most romantic days of the year. With a different spin to it from the Western version, men usually give candy to women in return for the presents they got on Valentine’s Day. In Korea, women present gifts to their partners February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and men present gifts to their partners in return on March 14th (White Day).

White Day was originally first celebrated in Japan. In 1978, the Japanese National Confectionery Industry Association decided to create the White Day as a “reply day” for Valentine’s Day. The color white was chosen as a symbol of purity, but also because sugar is white. It was so popular that South Korea and Taiwan soon adopted and came to celebrate White Day as well.

Traditionally, men give candy to women as a present, which is why you see so many shops selling fruit-flavored candy today, like big chupa chupas. Even cafes like Starbucks offer candy so if you forgot to buy your loved one or crush a White Day present, it’s not too late to shower her with presents!

And for all you single people out there in Korea, don’t feel too left out today. Coming soon is the famous Black Day (April 14th), where single people get together, eat jajangmyeon, and have a fun time hanging out.

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