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A born and bred Londoner moves to a small Cyprus village. Find out how she gets on out of the hustle and bustle of London, what she misses and how life compares! More Info

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January 2013
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The London Villager

Its a weighting game

January 9, 2013

I find it easier to lose weight in the UK. Living in Cyprus is an easy route to complacency and laziness. 

There are so many delicious foods on offer its so hard to say no. 

Every road has a frappe stand or a hot sandwich van. Every street has a bakery with the smell of fresh baked goods oozing from its doors. Every house you visit is a direct invitation to eat something. be it biscuits, cakes, fruit, or more baked goods! It really is ridiculously hard to avoid eating. The Cypriots show their friendliness and welcoming natures through food. To reject the food is to reject their hospitality. Even in restaurants at the end of the meal, the owner will normally offer a small plate of cakes or a syrup fruit – glyko – as a thank you. Again you cannot refuse.

The problem is, why would you want to refuse? Food tastes so much better when its consumed with friends and when its been made with love. So yes, we may put on a little weight and we may feel a little soft around the edges, but in my opinion its worth it. All the delicious foods and friends you make in the process is a reward in itself!

by Norf Londoner. Find out more about Norf Londoner here.

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