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The Dutch Way highlights diversity and richness in Dutch culture and language. It takes you on a bicycle trip through South Holland. The dikes, windmills, canals and cows we’ll see along the way will inspire our posts on the origin of certain Dutch expressions and proverbs. We laten er geen gras over groeien, so read on! More Info

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The Dutch Way


Vera ter Beest is Dutch and has a passion for both languages and cultures. To know a language or a culture you need to experience it in order to understand it. Verita’s Company  is all about living a language and a culture, and her focus includes tourism and leisure.

 Verita’s Teksten and Verita’s Visit  are two branches of Verita’s Company.

Vera creates content and does translating in Spanish, English and Dutch. Her images enhance the appeal even more.

In addition, Vera takes you on and off the beaten track through Holland and  connects you with locals in fun, dynamic activities.

The Dutch Way is an example of  living and celebrating the Dutch way of life. But there are others.

Want to know more about what Verita’s Teksten or Verita’s Visit can offer you?

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