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March 2017
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The Costa Blanca Blog


Life for anyone who has not grown up immersed in the local language, culture and tradition can be quite tricky.

This blog aims provide you with local news and information about what’s happening in your community and across the region.

It is the natural complement to the invaluable Information pages and the Directory of English-speaking businesses and associations in and around the Costa Blanca.

We all know that the region has a lot to offer so this blog is also about your experiences.

If you have:

  • Seen something nice?
  • Been somewhere great?
  • Done something fun?
  • Held an event in your community, club or association?

We would love to have your review – and you can review anything.

Just send it to us and if you have any questions at all, we will be happy to answer them. Don’t be shy about writing – everyone can do it and it’s your opinion we are looking for.

From time to time we will also post articles from expert contributors on topics of particular interest and credit them here in this column. Again if you would like to contribute your expert knowledge let us know.

Feedback always welcomed.