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November 2012
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Getting PACSed

November 1, 2012

Over the last couple of months, Sim and I have been getting our paperwork organised for the PACS, or le Pacte Civil de Solidarité. Most of that time has been spent waiting to receive requested papers (hu-humm, Australian embassy) !

Getting PACSed is like getting married, but without so much hoo-hah or spending of money – it’s free at the tribunal. Although, being France, there is a hoo-hah with the paperwork required ! This is what I, the foreigner, needed :

  • copy of id,
  • original birth certificate,
  • translated copy of birth certificate (less than 6 months old),
  • attestation of honour that I’m not related to Sim,
  • letter from the tribunal in Paris to say that I’m not already PACSed in France,
  • letter from the Service Central d’Etat Civil, because I’ve lived here for more than a year, and
  • letter from the Australian embassy saying that PACS doesn’t exist in Australia and I can do what I want in France.

Together, we needed :

  • attestation that we would like to get PACSed, please, and
  • attestation that we live together in France.

Sim just needed a copy of his birth certificate, less than 3 months old.

I find the birth certificate thing a little strange. The tribunal won’t accept French certificates issued more than three months ago, nor translations of foreign certificates issued more than six months ago. Apparently birth certificates can change here, whether you’re French or not.

But, we’ve finally got it all together and the ‘big day’ approaches ! We have an appointment at the tribunal for mid-November.

Tribunal, here we come !

No rings, suit or dress required, but I’m sure we’ll crack open some champagne !

Bisous !

by Jayde Clements. Find out more about Jayde Clements here.