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Torresat & Teleast updates – UK TV Costa Blanca & Calida

April 28, 2012

Torresat / Teleast seem to be in the midst of a major changes with the current investigations into the legality of their Costa Blanca & Costa Calida UK TV rebroadcasting operations.

Costa Blanca South

Retransmission in both La Mata & Quesada, signal strength appears to have been reduced 50-60%. This is likely be down to the fact the microwave signal strength was over the legal limit. This will have an affect for those on the outer periphery of transmission. In the instance of Quesada mast, we have received calls from people in Catral who are struggling with signal.

There is likely to be changes in the other transmitters, but so far can only report on what we have found the last few days.

They have also moved frequencies from low horizontal & low vertical – to mid vertical & mid horizontal – 500mhz or so upwards. Would assume this is also due to interference issues & the current investigation.

This could prove positive for those with satellite dishes that have been suffering a little cross interference from this. Over the next few days we are asking our engineers to check to see if this has an affect on existing users that had issues previously – one example being 10714H in La Mata – channel 4, film 4, in theory if moved up above this, then satellite signal should return – microwave signal was swamping a couple of satellite frequencies (which is illegal – hence the likely change).

Costa Calida

Calls received from a number of surrounding locations – one urbanisation in its entirety off in San Cayetano – though a nearby neighbour with an antenna pointing towards La Union, is o.k?

This will cause a headache both for their installers & clients as it will need every box to be retuned. Given the level of aggravation & work involved in doing this, it can only be assumed this is a preventative measure in the hope it is a couple of less things they can be pulled into court or shut down for! They had better hope the chosen frequencies do not interfere with anything else otherwise it will be a pointless exercise & will lead to further complications / investigations.

You have to ask the question if they had the potential to alter frequencies to not interfere with legal satellite UK TV in the first place, why didn’t they? Deliberate act? Purely speculation of course :roll:

by Paul. Find out more about Paul here.

9 Responses to “Torresat & Teleast updates – UK TV Costa Blanca & Calida”

  1. Ivan Preston says:

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to advise. My house is in San Miguel de Salinas and I have (had) a tv service from Torreast. However last week all of channels, with the exception of Sky News and 2 Spanish channels have disappeared. I am unable to get through to anyone at the Torreasat ‘customer service’ number(s), I leave messages re which their recorded message advises they will call back…… they never do. Same when I call our usual engineer Scott. There is absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, although they are super efficient when it comes to taking my money. Now I wish to dump them completely and have a reliable and efficient tv service installed. Can you possibly recommend any options, or even just one, which would be efficient and reliable and where, if it was to be required for any reason, unlike in the case of Torresat, there would be some level of customer consideration and service ? I need to get away from the Torresat rip off merchants.

  2. I can shed some information on San miguel. I live on the urb (Just off c/Grecia), and had an engineer around to try to fix my signal. The problem I was told, is that this area could only see, due to geographic location of San Miguel, 1 (crevillente) transmitter, to which the drop in output strength has made the signal near on impossible to get. However some roads do have a view of the Quesada transmitter and have managed to get a signal. Scott was also our installer and I have to say we have had used him since the old mesh arial days and has always seen us well, but I believe he works for a different firm down in Murcia nowadays. Hope this is of some help.

  3. Ivan Preston says:

    Hi Bill, thank you for your advice. Reading your post I would advise that you and I are near neighbours. Torreast have advised me, as they have to others in my road, that there is nothing they can do and that effectively is it. A few of my (our) neighbours have installed systems from Nortons and seem happy with what they have got, albeit significantly reduced from what we used to have via Torreast. I’m taking the view that something is better than nothing and will probably go down the same route

  4. Edward Sidi says:

    I live in Campoamor and have had good service from Torresat for 2 years. A few weeks ago I started getting trouble in that the signals on a couple of channels went out. The engineer came over and told me it could not be changed because of a new tower etc. Yesterday the whole thing went off. The office told me to call the engineer direct and he told me they were now offf the air and the first thing i should do is cancel my direct debit. The oiffice just quite matter of factly said ‘ No more service, goodbye’. It was suggested I call Teleast and now I find they are the same company I am not going to do so and will find someone else as there are plenty of providers.

  5. It is possible that some of the transmission antennas may have been taken out of service.

    Part of the court investigation was antennas sited without permission or licenses.

  6. james ian scott says:

    no signal searching for signal no video why does it keep doing this it was on a minute ago

  7. Are you on Torresat / Teleast or using a satellite system?

    Only reason I ask, is usually this comment comes up for people that use Sky boxes on a satellite system. If they reset ‘searching for signal’ comes up – this is caused by the box resetting to its UK default. If this is the case, follow this link (towards bottom of webpage ‘no signal’.

    If you do not have a satellite system, rebroadcast – Torresat / Teleast, their could be an issue with their transmission equipment, the weather has caused a few issues in the last few days. Reboot the receiver (mains turn on & off), if you still find the same isse after rebooting, then you will have to contact your service provider.

  8. I also use teleast but have no contact number for them. The satalite was installed a year ago by a young man called Gregory who has since left the company and now I can connect to a PC for WiFi but not to my Apple ipad. My password hasn’t changed. I have nobody to contact to enquire. Can anybody give me a number or a name or both…. The TV has also been giving trouble. We have Airbox but at least Tom at Airbox has been of some help to us.

  9. You can try this number, it is for their Los Alcazares office, they should be able to point you in the right direction. 902006270

    Airbox, is a £50 Raspberry PI with their own label, in truth a bit underpowered & overpriced for what it is & you don’t need to pay a maintenance fee for free UK TV, which I believe they charge.

    Depending on your location, best option for you, for TV – both in quality & long term costs, may be a satellite dish – though will depend on location for dish size.