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October 2011
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Review: Cinedoc Cinema at the French Institute

October 9, 2011

A new cinema, kind of, has come to Athens. “Cinedoc” have started showing films at the French Institute at Kolonaki.

The screenings to take place at the French Institute, I am not entirely sure what they do there, I tried checking their website, but it only comes in Greek and French. My Greek is ok, but reading websites in it is not too fun – French I refuse to use on principle. I went this past Wednesday, it was an interesting movie and I wanted to check the place out, but mainly I went because it was free and if it’s free – it’s good. The cinema itself it is clearly a converted lecture theatre rather than a proper cinema, but once the movie had started I was surprised by how easy it was to see the screen, even when I was sat right over to one side. No problems there. The sounds was good too. As a theatre the French Institute is very pleasant. Clean and well kept, with a small courtyard outside. The metal detector and security guard on the way in was a bit different though, if you carry a gun in your bag this place isn’t for you.

As with the website there are no signs in English… only Greek and French.

Now, it seemed like a very interesting film… the only problem was that the kind people at Cinedoc had forgotten to clarify that the film was in German – with subtitles in Greek… I don’t speak German, and, as the locals never seem to tire of telling me, my Greek is awful. This of course made the movie experience less than great; but I have been promised that the information will be clearer in future regarding language- most future films will be in English.

The film in question was “Living without Money” about a German woman who… well, lives without money. I am sure there was a lot more to it, but my understanding of the whole thing was a bit limited (see above). But this is what is special and could be great about Cinedoc – the choice of documentary films. Take a glance at the programme for the next few weeks and you will see that it is a mix of interesting films that you will not find at most regular cinemas.

Even in Kolonaki it seems the lure of something free is strong, which came as a surprise. Or perhaps the film was just that interesting, either way the 350 seat theatre was full to capacity. Half of going out is of course to watch people – and they certainly are a different breed in Kolonaki, a step, well leap, away from Vyronas… Healthier, more expensive clothes and without a doubt, oh soo much more cultural… On the walk back the cafes and little bars were crowded with people. But then I always felt that Kolonaki was very much a “show yourself off” kind of place so that’s perhaps not surprising.

Either way Cinedoc is well worth keeping an eye, the choice of films seems really good and it is a nice little place to visit.

Review by MART.

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