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Interview: Miss Scuba International 2012 Winner

December 19, 2012

Question: What’s better than scuba diving?

Nothing, you say?

Answer: Trick question! A beautiful, intelligent woman, AND scuba diving.

The Miss Scuba International 2012 final pageant was held on November 19th in Bali, Indonesia, and the results are in! Out of a great field of international contestants, one was chosen to represent the Miss Marine Conservation title.

Contestants were judged based on Individual Talent, Diving Skills, Scuba Tourism Knowledge, Marine Conservation Knowledge, Communications, Work Ethics, Participation, Catwalk Adeptness, and Q&A Proficiency. 

The exclusive interview with the winner is below.

(Bonus: Although many of the contestants learned to scuba dive specifically for this competition, the winner has actually been diving for quite a while! Props to Jamie, and congratulations!)

Winner: Ms. Piyada Monmaneerat (Jamie)
Country: Thailand 
Age: 24 

(Miss Scuba International 2012′s Miss Marine Conservation, Miss Scuba Thailand)

Jamie (Ms. Piyada Monmaneerat)

Photo courtesy of Jamie and Miss Scuba International.


How does it feel to be crowned Miss Scuba International?

Obviously, I am very happy! and I feel very honored to be chosen as the ambassador for the ocean, to be the voice of our beautiful, fascinating and helpless nature that has been and being exploited by us human being for a long time. It is time for us to change our way of thinking, to stop and not just doing things out of our own conveniences, but to do the right things, because it is what we do today that holds our future.

Jamie emerges from the water

Photo courtesy of Jamie and Miss Scuba International


What do you think set you apart from other contestants?

I think I and the girls are all here for one common reason, to save our ocean through beauty, but personally, I have a very close bond with the ocean.

I grew up down south of Thailand and probably spent as much time in the water as on land, the ocean is my second home where I enjoy being in and let myself free. Therefore, I have always been passionate about the ocean and always doing my part to save it. Saving the ocean would not feel like a duty to me, rather something anyone would do, to protect and save their home, their serenity.

What do you plan to do now?

Return to Thailand and celebrate, of course! But for the new Miss Scuba International, I can’t wait to start making the difference, the reason that brought me to this pageant in the first place.

Who was the first person you called when you found out that you had won?

I didn’t actually call anyone but I updated the amazing news through my Facebook, as there was not only one person I wanted to share this news with, but so many people, who supported and cheered for me throughout this wonderful journey. They were my energy keeping me strong when i felt tired, thank you guys and I love you all.

Will you continue scuba diving now that the competition is over?

I have been scuba and free dived even before the competition, so of course I will continue to dive and explore the great, wonderful and mysterious under water world we were blessed by nature ( with the help of Jacques Cousteau). I sure will continue to save the ocean, one dive at a time :)  

Jamie getting ready to dive

Photo courtesy of Miss Scuba International



For more pictures of Jamie, visit her gallery at the Miss Scuba International website here. 

by jonnyontheroad. Find out more about jonnyontheroad here.

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