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Many expats are now retiring in Bali. My experience of living here as a retiree might be of interest to newcomers to this fabulous island. More Info

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February 2015
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Retiring in Bali

Keeping Busy in Bali

February 3, 2015

The weather is improving and hopefully the dreaded wet season is coming to an end.  Bali, for those that don’t much about it, has only two seasons – wet and dry.  The dry season which runs from about May until November is the best.  The weather is dry and pleasant.  The rest of the year is the wet season when the weather is humid and moist with lots of torrential rain bursts.  They don’t last long but can really soak you.  Sometimes you might get continuous rain for a day or two.  It is hard to take and you really appreciate airconditioning.

The tourists have mostly gone and the streets are not a long traffic park.  Luckily my volunteering  work with the Bali Children Foundation keeps me occupied.  I enjoy the work and it is interesting for me to work with three lovely and intelligent Indonesian women.  They are part of the organisation that manages the admin, public relations  and fundraising.  I am a full time volunteer and I  help them with the fundraising and PR.  This was my professional career for over 25 years before I retired so I feel I can give back some of the expertise I acquired through all the years.  I also enjoy being useful and it provides me with some knowledge of the Indonesian culture

As BCF currently have over 1000 children on educational scholarships, there is a considerable amount of work to keep the money coming in to sponsor all the children and we are always have to keep going to make sure it is sustainable.  Education is the only way these children will be to overcome their poverty and help their families.

More details about Bali Children Foundation on their website:

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