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British Woman Association (BWA) Christmas Bazaar

December 6, 2013

BWA (British Women Association) Christmas Bazaar has been held on 26 November 2013 at Grand Kemang Hotel. It was my first to coming to BWA Christmas Bazaar, and i can say it’s a nice round. And it’s been fun to be there. At BWA Christmas Bazaar you can find many stuff, you can find traditional musical instrument, such as: Gamelan, Gong, and so on. Also you can find “the Unique” woman stuff, like necklace, ring, bracelet, bags, clothes and many more. For the price? It’s quite affordable to buy.

By visitor’s enthusiastic, BWA Christmas bazaar was sort of a success. The stuffs that were available in bazaar are unique. Many stand that sell Indonesian stuffs was the most I like and there were so many visitors that turned out me.

Great Interest!

BWA Christmas was organized very well, stands are very nice spot and space to walk wasn’t too small, so the visitor can free to choose without disturbing the other who passes.

Not only the antique stuffs sales, but also foods that signature from the other countries and places in Indonesia too, but what actually interests me a lot more was a stand cupcakes and cookies (and i loved their cupcakes).

Overall, BWA was very success to performed Christmas Bazaar and I will come if they organizing Christmas Bazaar again.


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