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Radio, Radio

May 9, 2012


This is the Gascony Show.  I am John Slattery.  Good Evening’.  So goes the intro to the English language chat show with music on RADIO COTEAUX (104.5/97.7fm).  The programme goes out on air 5-7pm every Sunday during which John DJ’s and brings listeners up-to-date on items of French news.  Most weeks he has guests on the programme; local residents with interesting stories to tell, events to publicise or talents to talk about.

Radio Coteaux is a French, mostly music station based in the picturesque village of St. Blancard in the Gers.  THE GASCONY SHOW (TGS) host, John Slattery, first went out on air with co-presenter, Patricia McKinnes, as The Flattery Show.  After last year’s summer break, Patricia moved on and John launched the current programme.  His mellifluous Irish tones and an eclectic mix of music interspersed with chat, make it a great listen. TGS is not only popular with English-speakers, but has a substantial French following too.

John, a Dubliner, studied engineering and mathematics at Trinity College, then went on to get his Masters in Computer Science, so plugs, wires, dials, digitals and all that sort of equipment, hold no mystery for him.  After working in Germany, Austria, USA and his native Ireland, he opted for the laid-back life in rural France.


Yesterday, I was a TGS guest along with art gallery owner Susanne Schmidt. It was my third ‘appearance ’.  Susanne had been on before too, so we both knew what to expect.  Nonetheless there was a bit of a hiccup at the beginning when I plonked myself down in front of a dead microphone and my first words went nowhere.  Never mind, I moved to another one and we warmed up soon enough.

Susanne and I were on the show to publicise her forthcoming VERNISSAGE (Art Exhibition Opening) at which I will be giving a talk on creative writing – LEARN TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WRITING SKILLS – BE CREATIVE AND EARN MONEY TOO’.  This Friday, 11th May, we’ll be at the Chrystal Chamäleon Gallery at Studio 65 in Castelnau Magnoac from 6pm.  My talk is at 8pm. Click here for the official invitation.

If you miss TGS on Sunday afternoons, you can always catch up through John’s podcasts.  Here is ours.  In this case, the music was chosen by Susanne – one of the perks of being a guest, you get to select some toons!


by Sue Whatmough. Find out more about Sue Whatmough here.

4 Responses to “Radio, Radio”

  1. We don’t have an English radio station around here – at least I don’t think so. I’ll have to listed in to TGS.

  2. Hi Vanessa, It’s a lightweight, easy-going set-up. Nice for us locals to get a chance to say our bit. You may find you have a French station that might like an English hour or so???

  3. Anne Rix says:

    Loved the broadcast Sue – got your book on kindle great read loved it
    Had a similar early experience to yours a long time ago
    Sorry to tell you my lovely john died this feb – I nursed him at home – he died holding my hand very peacefully – miss him a lot still I would love to hear from you xxx

  4. Hello Anne, Thanks for your appreciation of the broadcast and the book. Yes, quite a few women say they went through a similar experience.
    I’m so sorry to hear about John. I can understand how much you miss him.
    Forgive me but I’m not much of a correspondent these days. My work is cut out keeping the blogs going, running writing courses and working on the sequel to ‘No Copy Of The Script’, as well as the usual stuff of life. However, I wish you well and hope you have lots of support where you are now.