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March 2017
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A Special Friend!

March 19, 2017

“A hug for Joseph!”

My grandfather, Joseph, was a special friend. He died in February 1987. The poem was written on the 22nd of February.


D  e  a  r        G  r  a  n  d  f  a  t  h  e  r  !


‘Twas thirty years ago today

One final sigh, life flew away

Dear Joseph died, ‘still feel the pain

The sun went out, just endless rain!


He loved to laugh, cajole and tease

Foul cigarettes caused him to wheeze

‘Could play the spoons, That “Arches tune”  (“Underneath the Arches”

Those eighty years, for all… a boon!


Hiding in his shed, he’s smoking

Soon to lose a leg: no joking!

Managing despite the aching

Not much chance of Fanny baking?  (Grandma!!)


Cathedral, with such peaceful thoughts

A horn of plenty, never noughts

I give his body, final hug

Still at my heart strings, Joe does tug!


An Ilkley scene, a tree so bare   (Ilkley hospice)

He hadn’t time to stand and stare

His chin, so full of razor cuts

“Don’t help me please, no ifs or buts!”


No fuss he made, sat up and died

Close by, old lady sadly cried

Inspiring man, I miss him still

My heart with grateful thanks it fill’


Dear Grandad Joe, we loved you so

Your last view here: of Yorkshire snow

Still City play, those Bradford Bulls

Your mem’ry though, it NEVER dulls.   With love to a dear grandfather xxxx

by The poet’s pen. Find out more about The poet’s pen here.