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The blog will be about philanthropy and volunteering activities in Azerbaijan, its history, current situation and ways to promote it. More Info

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March 2017
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Philanthropy in Azerbaijani culture


Philanthropy nowadays plays the role of catalyst in activities in the society and already became as an important component of the contemporary life. The true meaning of philanthropy is not only giving monetarily, it also includes volunteering, since many people are devoting their time and efforts to make social changes in places where they live and/or work.

The question that we will be raising in the blog is how to create the culture of philanthropy and volunteering among different groups of population in our country. How can expatriates engage in philanthropic activities Azerbaijan both in the regions and in capital. We also will show examples, success stores, role models of philanthropy in Azerbaijan.  

Therefore, we will review the problems related to the level of volunteering and charitable giving in Azerbaijan and try to analyze the development of philanthropy in Azerbaijan.


Ahad Kazimov

Ahad Kazimov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. He’ has got his BA in Psychology andMA in Social Psychology from Baku State University. From 2005 to 2007 Ahad did Master Studies in Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington (USA) through the Edmund Muskie Fellowship Program. His Concentration during the studies was Non-profit Management.

Ahad Kazimov worked as volunteer and expert in various social projects implemented by local and international organizations operating in Azerbaijan. He was one of the founders of Azerbaijan Psychologists Association. His academic and professional interests are corporate philanthropy, local social policy and civic engagement in social processes in Azerbaijan. He conducted workshops and gave presentations  about Corporate Social Responsibility both on local (Ganja, Lenkoran, Baku) and on international level (USA, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine).