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Nectar from Holland, The Bee’s Tour with Vinita


This blog is about “Being where you are, and making the most of it”; family-orientated fun, outdoors, active, walking, biking. The message is conveyed through artistic imagery and narrative, told from the  Green Heart of Holland, a region of the Netherlands filled with green pastures, pristine lakes and rustic windmills.


About the authors…

Persephone Abbott, musician and writer, lives in The Netherlands.  Born in America, she left to live in Europe at a young age to pursue a life different than what she could have otherwise experienced.  She currently writes about modern life in the historical center of Gouda in her blog, The Sweet Bag of the Bee.  Multilingual, ever curious, she describes her view on life “abroad” when not working on other writing and poetry projects.  


Vinita Salomé has been enchanted with the art of photography as far back as she can remember. For Vinita, the camera is an important means to capture the moment, a moment then suspended in time, to produce a perspective for future contemplation and renewal. Vinita’s strong impulse to feel at home in a cross cultural heritage (she’s lived in many countries) is the base for her remarkable sense of feeling when photographing cities and landscapes. In her successful family photography practice, Vinita interacts with participants to produce an opportunity for them to have a third eye in the mix, offering a different view of family dynamics and love.