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The Coffee Tree

November 4, 2013

A couple of years ago I planted some coffee trees on the property just to see how they develop.    I am at about 2,700 ft. above sea level and the temperature varies from 65 to 90 F  during the year  so there no drastic changes in temperature in our area.

 Planting coffee in Costa Rica started in 1809 so the country has a long history and tradition which is tied to the production of coffee.   The picture below is the painting depicted on an old Costa Rican currency bill demonstrating the coffee  basket waiting at the docks to be exported.

I am not at the exporting level by any means.  I have ten coffee plants and it is merely a hobby but when we have the coffee fruit on the tree we all get together and pick the  fruit .  Once the fruit is picked  we start the process which will eventually result  in roasted coffee beans.   In order to pick the coffee bean it must be red in color which means the bean is ripe.

Coffee Bean

See the image on the right so you can see the red beans that are ready for picking.   I start by soaking the coffee bean fruit in water.   It takes a couple of days for the skin to fall off the bean.   Once I have the bean ready it needs to be dried.   I just use the natural sunlight to dry the beans.  I put the beans on a tray and leave it in the sun for about a week.  They slowly start drying out and turning tan in color.   The beans need to dry long enough so that you can peel off the exterior hull from the bean.   In large operations this is called hulling and it is done by machines but in our little experimental production it is done by hand.   In the pictures below you can see the beans drying in the sun and ready for hulling.   On the right side is the image of the coffee beans once the hull has been removed and those are ready for roasting !   My Costa Rica garden blend – so good.

Coffee beans drying

Coffee Beans drying in the sun


Coffee Bean ready for hulling

Coffee beans ready for roasting




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