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In Costa Rica if you plant it they will grow

November 1, 2013

Costa Rica is a very blessed country.  It has the longest un-broken democracy in Latin America.  A highly educated population that has one of the highest life expectancies in the region.  It is no wonder why Costa Rica consistently ranks high on the Happy Planet index which ranks countries according to the degree of happiness of its citizens.  The people of Costa Rica thrive and enjoy the outdoor life and the favorite saying in Costa Rica which is “Pura Vida” literally means full of life.  In this country they enjoy life every day.

 Now you take all those factors and combine them with great weather and fertile soil where everything you plant just thrives and it is easy to understand why lack of food is not a concern in Costa Rica.

 I have small “finca” which is a rural get away where I am able to have a greenhouse and plant different varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs.   

 I have fifteen mandarin trees on the property and last years harvest was quite abundant.  This year we are preparing once again for the harvest and it is looking promising as well.  I am currently trying a mandarin liqueur recipe which is fermenting in the refrigerator so I will let you know how that turns out.

  In addition to the mandarin trees I have coffee plants, cassava root,  black bean plants, aji chili, egg plant and many other experiments in the making.

 My latest experiment has proven to be very successful.  I was able to locate in Costa Rica from the Ark Herb Farm in Costa Rica a Holy Basil plant originally from India. The plant which is also known as Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) has very interesting medicinal properties in that it can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant, and a stress reliever.   The plant really likes my garden and is prospering very well.   It is attracting bees which are pollinating other plants.   I have been using the leaves of the Tulsi plant to make a warm tea at night which is very relaxing and soothing as well. 

 In my next blog I will fill you in on the next adventure in my Costa Rica garden.

by My Costa Rica Garden. Find out more about My Costa Rica Garden here.

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One Response to “In Costa Rica if you plant it they will grow”

  1. hi there, thank you for inspiring us…. for my husband’s 60th birthday we are off to Costa Rica which is only the 4th holiday we have had together in 20 years ! Your blogs are so fascinating. Keep blogging please !