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I want to write about all the special things which make life in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica (Zona Sur) magical and unforgettable. More Info

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June 2014
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Mouth From The South Zone

I LIVE for my Suicide Shower…

June 9, 2014

My intention in moving to Costa Rica was to experience a very Henry David Thoreau,

Walden Pond life.  As he said in Walden Pond,

“I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and

spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave

close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.”


It was thus that I found myself in Quebradas, Perez Zeledon, on the banks of the

Quebradas River, in a small, sweet cabin which I share with my terrier.  And I

have a “Suicide Shower”.

My guidebook had described them as showers where the heater is built right into

the shower head and usually appear to have been installed by a drunken monkey.

Of course, the idea behind these inventions is to provide hot water where the

plumbing system does not run to a hot water heater — like almost all of Latin America.

Pretty Waldenesque, for sure.


My suicide shower looked like a large electrical time bomb which hangs above your

head with visible wires connecting it to the power source.  WOW.  I’m pretty sure

I learned in grade school science not to mix water with electricity.


My solution to this situation was to shower in flip flops with a dry towel nearby to

use to adjust the temperature.  The shower is made by Lorenzetti Company (more

on them in a minute), and the truth was that the three settings: a blank dot, a half

blank dot, and a dark dot, made absolutely NO difference in water temperature.

The temperature was controlled totally by adjusting the flow of water through the

heater.  My choices were a stiff, cold shower vs. a warmish, drizzly one.  And I 

certainly didn’t want to touch the dials while I was wet.


Lorenzetti Ducha Company is a Brazilian company with 80+ years of experience

in manufacturing electrical appliances for homes and industries.  They are based in

Sao Paulo, Brazil, and export to 40 countries on 5 continents.  Certainly they would

not electrocute this Gringa!


The electric shower was developed in the 1950s by Italian brothers Lorenzo and

Eugenio Lorenzetti, and became their most successful product.  I am also a product

of the 1950s — I must be safe with this device.


Somehow, I grew to trust the “widow-maker shower”, and stopped bathing in flip

flops and turning off the shower with a towel, until last week, when the shower

stopped heating altogether.  Although I live in the tropics and long to be Waldenesque,

a nice hot shower makes all the difference in my quality of life.  I need it.


Happy Ending:  My neighbor Tomas, who really could handle Walden Pond living in

every rugged nuance, installed a NEW Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha, and what do you 

know, I am able to control the temperature like a pro with no fear of barbequing

myself.  Even my dog enjoys an occasional hot shower.  LIFE IS GOOD.  Much

better in Quebradas than on Walden Pond.




by Carolina. Find out more about Carolina here.