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March 2014
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Mouth From The South Zone

Rock Star of Quebradas

March 20, 2014


Residents of Quebradas, Perez Zeledon, consider ourselves very fortunate

to be living, walking, and driving among the paintings of one of the premier

artists of Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica:  Luis Guillermo Barrantes.


“Memo”, as he is known to friends and family, has painted five boulders

along the Quebradas Road with themes reflecting the natural beauty of

our region. 


Born in Quebradas in 1948, Memo is a true local hero.  He was born just

after the 1948 Civil War of Costa Rica.  His father fought and died in that

conflict, and the old-timers of Quebradas can all tell stories of his bravery

and his legacy to the community through his son.


Barrantes discovered his artistic talent early on.  Classmates would invite

him to draw and paint their notebooks, and it was thus that he began the

groundwork for his passion, which has now become his profession.


The most impressive masterpiece of his Quebradas Boulders is located

at the intersection of the Quebradas Road and Calle Barrantes.  This

boulder is a true eulogy to Perez Zeledon wildlife, complete with nutria,

frogs, pizotes, cranes, iguanas, tepezcuintles (spotted paca), toucans, and

is anchored by a prowling jaguar whose eyes follow the viewer as you move

in front of the stone:  our own Mona Lisa of the jungle.


Memo says he identifies strongly with that jaguar, calling him feline,

majestic, and elegant.  His four other boulders are equally detailed, although

more modest in size, and also celebrate local nature and culture.  Neighbors

have reacted with admiration and pride in our local artistic phenom.


Barrantes retired in 2011 from a career with Instituto Costarricense de

Acueductos.  He spends his time painting on canvas in his favorite medium,

oils, and his works are included in private collections and galleries.   He

exhibits his works locally and continues to accept commissions for portraits

and other community projects.  This barely leaves him time for his other 

passion — drumming — for which he is also renowned.


To contact the artist, please call 506.8924.1566  (Spanish).

by Carolina. Find out more about Carolina here.