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December 2013
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Mouth From The South Zone

A Jolly Chocolatey Christmas

December 9, 2013

I became absolutely positive that I belonged in Quebradas, Costa Rica, when I discovered that the British woman living two houses up the hill from me was the owner of Chocoprisma, the outrageously delicious chocolate created in Perez Zeledon.
Even more intriguing was the fact that the owner,  Rosemary Sylvester Bradley, founded her enterprise as a fair-trade business which helps the indigenous small producing cacao farmers in the Zona Sur.
Good Tasting AND Good for the People!   

I began visiting Rosemary to develop a neighborly relationship, but when I discovered what she was stirring up iher chocolate factory, my visits became more focused.  I sampled cakes, brownies, chocolate bars, dark chocolate kisses, decorated chocolate thin crisps, and the best cacao powder I’ve ever sampled – I began fantasizing about moving into Rosemary’s empty bodega.  Because you see, to get to Rosemary’s house, one has to cross a narrow swing bridge across the Quebradas River — and it’s scary as heck!

Cacao la Casona

Back to Chocoprisma…. Rosemary founded this not-for-profit business ten years ago in conjunction with its British counterpart Prisma Foundation with a mission of helping the indigenous community by buying their cacao at fair market prices, and even returning 5% of the sale price of the finished chocolate to the Ngobe of the Zona Sur.

Chocoprisma Chocolate is 100%  natural and 100%  Costa Rican.  For my money, their chocolates make the perfect holiday gifts:  natural, local, exotic, beautifully packaged, and the proceeds go towards a wonderful cause of supporting the  Ngobe Indians.

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 Best Way to Get These Gems:  506.2737.0393

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