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Every month Julia provides her observations of everyday life, following the changing patterns of the seasons and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of human and animal behaviour. More Info

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Monthly Muse

Monthly Muse


May 12, 2016 by Jules

This month kicked off with another open mic night held for the first time at the Cafe l’hotel de Ville in Marciac where fish and chips and draft Guinness (my… Read more…

Categories: Spring Season


April 20, 2016 by Jules

What a wet month this was and despite having had a very mild winter, many of the spring flowers seemed to be reluctant to show themselves and were very late… Read more…

Categories: Winter Season


March 15, 2016 by Jules

I’m not going to pretend that this has been an easy month; the loss of our faithful companion left a huge void that I’m sure will take some time to… Read more…

Categories: Winter Season

December – January

February 14, 2016 by Jules

The glorious weather of November continued into December and the sun was so strong at times that I was out gardening in my t shirt. We had collected a trailer… Read more…

Categories: Winter Season


December 8, 2015 by Jules

November delivered us weeks of glorious clear blue skies and warm sunny days (perfect for sitting out reading in the garden) and cold frosty nights (ideal for killing off all… Read more…

Categories: Autumn Season


November 8, 2015 by Jules

  ‘Overnight, very whitely, discreetly, very quietly   our toes, our noses take hold on the loam acquire the air’  This was definitely the month for the mushroom. Two days… Read more…

Categories: Autumn Season


October 13, 2015 by Jules

This was always going to be a difficult month, with our son’s pending departure to the UK, but visits from family and friends along with some wonderful late sunshine did… Read more…

Categories: Autumn Season


September 22, 2015 by Jules

I was right last month when I said that August was going to prove to be an even more steamy and sociable time; with temperatures up in the 40s and… Read more…

Categories: Summer Season


August 24, 2015 by Jules

What a wonderful month this was – definitely a highlight of the year so far. The weather was absolutely perfect with long hot days, balmy nights and the occasional wild… Read more…

Categories: Summer Season


July 17, 2015 by Jules

This was a wonderful month in so many ways; the garden was looking at its best and most colourful, the wildlife was out in abundance and we were out and… Read more…

Categories: Summer Season