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August 2015
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Mind the Gap - how mindfulness helps

Happy Maps

August 25, 2015

Are you often in a rush to get from A to B? In today’s fast-paced world and especially in such a dynamic city as London it’s all too easy to get caught up in the speed of everything. I remember when I first moved to London in 2012 I got swept away by the sheer number of opportunities to grow my coaching business – chasing every lead, attending every networking event. It was only when I took a step back did I realise I’d let the city run me instead of the other way around. I’d quit my corporate job some years before to be the master of my own day, to set my own pace and to choose how and when I worked, but somehow London took that away from me.

So I re-assessed my life and the lack of balance in it and re-asserted my control over things. I became more strategic about which events I attended, which contacts I followed up on and how I spent my day. And the result was a more focused, productive working schedule that still got results but left me with space to take my time, to linger, to ponder, to smell the roses.

So I was delighted to recently discover a new way of getting from A to B. Literally. The concept is the ‘happy map’. Whilst the usual mapping apps suggest the shortest and/or fastest route to take, a ‘happy map’ invites you to choose the route that is the most beautiful, the quietest or the happiest. In many cases the journey only takes a fraction extra time, but the experience along the way is so much more enjoyable.

Check out Researcher, Daniele Quercia’s TED Talk on Happy Maps and see how they’ve developed a mapping application that takes into account not only the route you want to take, but how you want to feel along the way.

As the famous saying goes “Life is about the journey, not the destination”, after all, we know the ending already, right?!

So, in the spirit of being more mindful, why not find your own happy map. Walk through the park on your way home from work and rejuvenate in the beauty of nature – London is an incredibly green city; weave your way through the back streets to escape the noise and bustle; look up from time to time to admire the variety of architecture surrounding you.

Live life in each moment.

by Sarah Fraser. Find out more about Sarah Fraser here.

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