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Beautiful, exciting, cultural and stylish Madrid through the eyes of a Londoner. Read all about Betsy's life in the capital, which has been her home for the past 6 years...and will be for many more to come. More Info

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February 2017
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Londoner in Madrid


About this blog
Londoner in Madrid is my blog aiming to share with everyone my experiences of living as a London expat in Madrid, a city I adore. As I have been working and living out here for over 6 years I do know the city and its different sides very well and am pretty much fully integrated into local Spanish life. Sometimes people even joke I am (half-)madrileña! Having said that, often the Londoner in me still does come out! I hope you will enjoy reading and finding out more about Madrid and I will share tidbits about this vibrant city as well as the latest cool hotspots and events taking place across the capital.

About Betsy
I was born in China but grew up in London, UK. I fell in love with Madrid when aupairing and interrailing in Spain in 2006 and moved here in 2010 – never looking back! Currently I work in Online Marketing (Paid Search) for a Spanish digital agency and previously I also taught English with Vaughan Systems. As I am very passionate about Madrid’s restaurant and bar scene, lifestyle, gastronomy and events, I founded my own brand new blog La Guiri Y La Gata ( in June 2016. The name in English literally means “The Foreign Girl and the Madrid Girl” and is about Madrid’s (new) restaurants and bars, rooftops, places that I find interesting generally, trends and events. Essentially it is about my POV alongside that of my Madrid blog partner Silvia and Spanish friends. Lastly, I also have my own section “Los Rincones de Betsy” in the quarterly business magazine Innovatia belonging to the business school IDE-CESEM, where I did my MBA.


Welcome to my Madrid!


Beautiful Madrid rooftop