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Londoner in Madrid

Sucre Salón de Té – Beautiful tea salon near the Retiro/Prado/Atocha

February 16, 2017


A haven for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or spending the day there…


Tea is good for the soul 

Let’s face it folks. As good as the coffee in Spain may be…sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a lovely/dainty/healthy/cleansing/soothing/comforting* cup of tea, right? Especially these days, now that herbal teas or “infusions” as the Spanish call it, are all the rage.

Well, if like me you are a tea lover and what’s more, you are always on the lookout for new, exciting, original teas…then look no further. Sucre Salón de Té is your place and you will love it. As will your friends. Bring your friends! Or a date….okay no going off-tangent here. 

*Feel free to propose further tea-adjectives 




Good old Retiro

Sucre Salón de Té can be found tucked away on a quiet side street, near the hustle bustle of Atocha and the Retiro. In fact, it isn’t that far from the Art Golden Mile / Huertas either which is my old stomping ground. The thing is, Sucre has “only” been open for around 2 years so I had already left Happening Huertas for “Castizo” (traditional) Chamberí.

It is a spacious and bright and well-lit space, beautifully decorated and with so many details that you risk the danger of ignoring the person you are with, not intentionally, whilst you look around and take in all the cute decorations, dog cushions and funky objects. It is a calm place in nature but can get packed at the weekends or possibly during the morning breakfast rush too. A lot of local repeat customers as well as business folk during the working week, and foreigners who may be living here or just passing through beautiful Madrid



Tea, Cakes and Books

Not necessarily in that order…

Alba is the lovely and chatty owner of Sucre Salón de Té and at first I thought she was Argentinian as I thought I heard that lingering accent but turns out she’s actually from neighbouring Uruguay, so I’m glad I didn’t make any faux pas there…Not only if she passionate about design and baking, also she is really witty and has a LOT of anecdotes about what goes on at Sucre! Let’s just say that it would appear some very interesting folk pass through the doors! 

She is always keen to try out new receipes and cakes so if you have any suggestions, feel free to run it past her! Some of the permanent star cakes are for example Carrot Cake and apparently Brits love a slice of Coffee Cake (say wha…not teacake?!) whilst others rotate all the time. Also, please do not leave without trying….her cookies! So popular that even her grown-up kids still request them. Wouldn’t that be cool to have Alba as your super baking mum…everything homemade and made with love.

Oh, you have to try her croissants too.

Oh and the different breads on offer for breakfast.

Not to mention the breakfast menu……

Okay that’s it, I’m moving into Sucre!


Exclusive teas 

They are exclusive because a cool guy (I’m guessing) called Kenny who runs Punto de Té over in Aranjuez provides Sucre with teas just for them. I tried one called Angel’s Kiss that was….angelic? Okay no cheesiness here, it was tasty and not too overpowering, but not too faint. The name made me smile anyway. 

By the way, the teapots are ADORABLE. Cuteness alert! As you can see in the picture above, it is served to you like this and then simply you remove the top half and voila, there’s your teacup. As for the teabags, it is important to note that it is actually loose tea, but just Kenny puts them in bags for Sucre when delivering so as to make thing a bit easier. Just in case you think that the “teabag” means lower quality or what not. Nope.

Last but not least, they also host “catas” – different kinds of “tastings” such as a Matcha tasting event the first weekend of March. If you are interested, get in touch! 



They say sharing is caring and here at Sucré you can bring a book and swap it for another one. How cool is that! Who likes chick lit…


El Rincón de Mamá

Last but not least, as if there weren’t enough goodness here, there is also a great selection of baking-related products or cool things for around the house, clothes, cushions in case you fancied doing some present shopping at the same time. 

So, what more can you ask for? Beautiful space, cute, delicious teas, scrumptious cakes, pretty products. You could say that liking Sucre is…a piece of cake! 


Love for Food & Second love is their slogan

Well, I have a whole lotta love for Sucre. See what I did there?!

Love, BeTEAsy x



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