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In between chimneys

May 31, 2013

I like a rooftop. I don’t have one of my own. I wish I had. I do have a roof, yes, I just don’t own the top. In fact, I don’t even have a balcony – which isn’t too bad in this Autumn we’re living in.
If I could choose between balcony and rooftop, I’d opt for the rooftop. For if I had, I’d turn it into a beautiful roofgarden with terrace and throw parties, come rain or come shine. Starry skies or not. I would make full use of my roof.
It’s the idea of having a spectacular view (from great heights everything becomes an amazing view!) and being surrounded by chimneys, that makes my heart beat faster for rooftop terraces and gardens. The idea of being closer to the starry sky and just being up high, far above the streets and traffic.

Luckily there are many many people who own rooftops and share it with non-rooftoppies. Sometimes they co-operate with with non-rooftoppies who do have amazing ideas that can only be fulfilled on rooftops. In both cases I bow for thee.


In this case I bow for the Rooftop Film Club and the people behind it. The name might’ve given it away, not sure… Anyway, during the Summer season they organise film screenings on London rooftops – oh yes! Four rooftops to be exact: that of the Queen of Hoxton (Shoreditch), the Bussey Building (Peckham Rye), The Roof Gardens (Kensington) and the roof of Netil House (London Fields). From Cult to Rom-coms, really they screen something for everyone.
This season you can also enjoy their Cine-Gig series: what an opportunity to get to see a legendary gig on a big screen on a roof – makes me wanna dance already! They start off the series June 22nd with Queen live at Wembley ’86.

Don’t worry too much about it going to be a shitty Summer or not (let’s just hope it’s not going to be a shitty one, dear people. All of us: hope hard! And do the Sun-dance.) as they provide poncho’s in worst case scenario’s and at The Rooftop Gardens they even have a huge umbrella under which you can all sit snug together. The sound may be blown away by the wind, indeed – but of course the Rooftop Film Club thought about that too as they provide headphones. You will hear every word, note and kiss. Your ticket for the night doesn’t mean just the film – often the locations have more things in store for you, such as DJ’s.

Tickets are £12.00. Screenings at The Roof Gardens are £22.00 though, as this includes a burger or hot dog (also veggie options).

Now, if you think “hey, I wanna see a film on a roof” – be quick as these film nights are popular and sold out within a blink of an eye. I’m not joking! Otherwise, a roof and portable dvd-player might do the trick… eerrr, nope!


This really is something high – literally – on my London to do! It unites my love for London and my love for rooftops; I ask you, can it be any more perfect? Don’t think so. So if weather, travel schedules and the availability of tickets alow, hopefully I get to see a film on a London rooftop this Summer.


And of course, all films start at sunset… ahhh, love that!


by Tessie020. Find out more about Tessie020 here.

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