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There are plenty of exciting places or sightseeing in Bali which haven't been known so much by the visitors. I love living in Bali and share my experiences by exploring beautiful hidden beaches around, some unique and stunning designed places to hang out and share it to the world about Bali beauty. More Info

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Discover the Beauty of Bali

May 13, 2014

What is on your mind when you hear the word Bali? An exotic island, stunning beaches, unique places by the beach to visit, ultimate holidays, a paradise on earth and so on.. Living here for about 1,5 years never makes me get bored of this place yet it makes me feel like I need to explore the place more.. This time I would love to share the nature that Bali offers to us and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the nature stay clean and remain the same for years to come.

Nyang-Nyang Beach

“The magnificent hidden beach on the South Coast.”

The Stunning Indian Ocean Seen from the Cliff

Situated next to Uluwatu Temple, Nyang Nyang Beach is simply extraordinary. The way to get there is not easy. You need to go though the rocky and bumpy street along the way to finally see this sight of heaven. Nyang-Nyang beach is quite popular to those who surf. To get down to the beach, you need to go through over 550 steps. That is the reason why some people who don’t surf prefer to enjoy the stunning of the ocean from the cliff.

The crystal clear water that worth to enjoy after the hundreds steps

If you fit enough, you should go down and experience this pure beach which rarely touched by people. If you don’t surf, I guarantee you will still find it worth the effort to go downstairs and come back upstairs as this stunning crystal water beach and the cliff surrounding views will surely pamper your eyes. Experience your quality time by hanging out by the beach, swimming or sunbathing with friends or your loved ones.

The green surroundings in Nyang-Nyang beach.


It’s almost nobody on the beach. It’s a perfect place to those who seek for serenity.

Bingin Beach

“A breathtaking coral beach with cliff surroundings.”

A lovely image that I captured in the low tide, when the dog carried the little kid to the shore.

One of the gorgeous beaches in Uluwatu area, which offer a fantastic view of the cliffs. Surrounded by another surf beaches such as Balangan, Dreamland, Impossibles and Padang-padang, Bingin beach could be crowded at times but it doesn’t reduce the beauty of the beach itself. They offer some local cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach that you can enjoy your meal whilst watching the surfers catch their waves.

In Bingin beach, the dog is having fun too!


The dream house I found on the way down to beach.

This beach has been visited by some world class surfers and also as the venue for surf competitions. There are many level of waves here both for pro and the beginners. In the low tide, it might be quite rocky and don’t forget to put on your booties to stay safe.

Balangan Beach

“The stunning white sand beach with panoramic view.”

It’s a sunny day.

Another Bali nature’s beauty called Balangan Beach. Situated in the north of Dreamland beach, Balangan offers the scenic view of the beautiful cliffs and coconut trees in line which provide you the reaffirmation of the ultimate exotic getaway.

The breathtaking view of Balangan beach captured from one of the restaurants.


Feel the sun and smell the ocean.

Similar like Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach is also offer plenty of cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach and also the surfing lessons. It could be crowded at times especially on the weekends, so if possible be there on the weekdays. But either it’s crowded or not, it never reduce the beauty scenery of Balangan.

The stunning golden sunset to calm the mind.



by Puspita. Find out more about Puspita here.