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Observations on life in Bulgaria from a fifty something ex pat who fell in love at first sight! More Info

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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

Living in Bulgaria, a village life

Spring & Baba Marta is on her way

February 13, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

We are still ensconsed in our homes, snowed in & fed up but HOPE is around the corner. All through winter we look forward, & the mantra from all us ex… Read more…

Bulgaria a Frozen country

February 4, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

Wow this has been some mission.Getting this blog out has been a challenge as I have some kind of weird thing going on. For half the day I don’t have… Read more…

Categories: Bulgaria, Winter

Babin den

January 25, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

  My friend Sue,  has had the great honour of being chosen by her village as Baba of the year. Baba is Bulgarian for grandmother. I was on my way… Read more…

Home Farming Bulgarian Style

January 17, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

Bulgaria is a wonderful place to escape to “the good life”, whether its to farm produce or animals, & all this on your own property. We know many people here who… Read more…

Chestit Imam Den

January 9, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

For the first time since residing in Bulgaria we celebrated my name day. I have wanted to do this since I I was told I had one. I find the tradition… Read more…

Happy Name Day!

January 6, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

Saturday 7th January is my nameday, I share this day with Yovo, English equivalent John, & also my mum Joan. So if your name is John, Joan, Joanna, Joanne, Jonathan… Read more…

Chestita Nova Godina, Happy New Year 2012

January 2, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012!!!!! I wish you health, love, finances & happiness in abundance!!!!! I am looking forward to my fourth year of residing in Bulgaria, the land of… Read more…

Categories: Bulgaria, New year

Vesela Koleda i Chestita Novo Godina part 2

January 2, 2012 by Joanna Rosina

Christmas morning showed no more signs of snow fall so it was all go to spend the day with our friends. I had worked myself into a mini frenzy worrying… Read more…

Categories: Bulgaria, Christmas

Vesela Koleda i Chestita Novo Godina part 1

December 28, 2011 by Joanna Rosina

Merry Christmas Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas period & a very Happy New Year, lets hope 2012 brings us all good health financial security & lots of loving friendship! We… Read more…

Categories: Bulgaria, Christmas

It’s all Go,oooooooo………..

December 22, 2011 by Joanna Rosina

Christmas is just a few days away & still so much to do, add to that the run of the mill bill paying & everyday food!  Its a must to get… Read more…

Categories: Bulgaria, Christmas