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July 2012
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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

Home Sweet Home, Viva Bulgaria

July 2, 2012

Oh soooooo pleased to be “Home” I am no longer a fish out of water & I have my place of safety, my home.

I don’t think we fully understand the importance of our places of safety, our homes. For some this may be a caravan, a tent, a shed or even a cardboard box, but take it away & we are vulnerable.  For me anyway, I was very vulnerable not having a room to go to, to be alone, a place of retreat, or to be able to go to bed early ( I slept on a sofa most of the 6 weeks).

Don’t get me wrong I loved being with my family, I love them so so much & I did not mind sleeping on the sofa after the first few bad nights I found my position :-) but to be home is wonderful. As soon as I got off the plane I felt right, back with my other half & in the place I am meant to be! Do you ever feel like that? It’s a shock isn’t it! We feel strong & know we can do anything we put our minds to, I mean crikey we have lived life :-)

I came out of the airport in Romania (yes Romania) & was engulfed in the most amazing smell, the air was fragrant & beautiful, I felt like I was being welcomed home, even though we still had a drive to get across the border. At first I couldn’t work out what it was, I knew I recognised it but just could not place it. Suddenly it hit me its the Lipa tree, a tree we make tea from. Ohhh the smell is gorgeous, floral & sweet. It wraps you like a soft pashmina. The fragrance followed us all the way home to my door, we have the tree near our gate :-) ))) A few days later we harvested  the flowers & leaves which are now drying nicely for a gorgeous cuppa :-) ))))

Kami, very emotional & pleased I'm home

The weather here couldn’t be more different than the UK & I have really tried hard not to moan lol, typical English never satisfied, but it is sooooooooo hot that its hard to not say, “Phew, it’s too hot”.  The weekend I got home was fantastic & I felt very welcomed home :-) The first day we went to friends for catch up & delicious dinner in the garden, thanks guy’s xxxxx It was lovely to feel the sun on my skin with warmth in it. Then the next day we had a pool party, what a way to Christen the pool :-) Nige did the BBQ & we all got in the pool together, lovely!!!! I had the best welcome home ever!

Three of my babies with one off doing her own thing ;-D

It’s been super busy here but super great too, its summer which means Socialising big time, everything revolves around socialising.  I had friends coming to stay one week after my return. Not a problem! Well not normally but as I had been away for 6 weeks it turned out I had lots of work to do.  I had so much stuff to unpack & find a place for. I have a very small kitchen area & lack storage space, which, when you are a baker, is a difficulty. The heat meant I could do hardly anything as I was exhausted too.  Then the thing I didn’t take into account was seeing & not neglecting my friends! This is very important & I had missed them all. Market day was great as I went with friends we had lunch then when Nige came home we all went out for a very informal cheap meal in their local Mehana. That is what I have missed while in the UK, the informal off the cuff social aspect of life here. Cheap meals out with fantastic food that comes to less than a burger for 3 courses & drink!!!!!

Coffee in the over grown garden!

Thank goodness our friends are the, settle in & take us as you find us, type of people, just like us.  Wow, that was a busy 4 days we had with them too :-) They absolutely fell in love with Bulgaria & didn’t want to leave! They have a house here & will be moving over full time in 3 yrs, so it was wonderful to see how much Bulgaria affected them!  We had a great time & found a wonderful new restaurant on the Danube, wow food was amazing, sea food wow, nom nom nom. The view was amazing too & it was very romantic!

Chilling in Bulgaria, over a meal off course!

Chill time now but I am struggling with the exhaustion & heat. You would think I would be in the pool every day, but no!!!!! I have kept out of the sun for the most part, till it cools down later in the day, very unlike me! & I have sooo much to do too & I just can’t get any energy going. I guess I have lived here long enough to know that the heat & the sun will be here for the next 3 months before it cools down a bit lol.  For those of you who are stuck in the nightmare of the UK summer I am sure you would love to be here, if you are coming please shade, shade, shade! Protect, protect, protect ;-D

Bulgaria in the summer is a beautiful place to be…………

by Joanna Rosina. Find out more about Joanna Rosina here.

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9 Responses to “Home Sweet Home, Viva Bulgaria”

  1. Joanna Rosina says:

    Ooh notice all the smiley faces!!!!

  2. Great life if you are not on your own

  3. Where did you go? I so enjoyed reading your tales – hope all okay :)

  4. I like to know about the cost of living. house renting. weather cycles. social seen and how it works off the cuff. as you have a flair for writing and you cooking is similar to mine

  5. Russell downs says:

    hi nice blog what are the winters like and how do the locals see brits?

  6. Joanna Rosina says:

    Hi Sully
    I am so sorry I left things hanging.
    Unfortunatly my marriage has broken down & has been a strange journey. I was not sure it was apropriate to blog it & my life here just sort of stopped.
    I am still living in Bulgaria, not living the dream at the moment though. Maybe I will find a way to start the blog again especially as things will start to come back to life here soon.

    Thank you for missing me :-) Till soon x

  7. Joanna Rosina says:

    Well thank you for the compliments :-)
    The cost of living depends a lot on where you live & if you drive. Petrol here is really expensive when you compare it to wages etc here, it is not much cheaper than in UK!
    I am now living alone, I don’t drive & I live on £200 a MONTH at the moment that includes food, electric, gas, water, internet, house phone & mobile but does not include winter wood, going out & about, extras like clothing, community tax (which is hardly anything). If you live on or near the coast everything is more expensive. I can spend another £200 a month if I don’t watch what I am doing so in comparison to UK I probably live on a 1/4 of what I would there if not less. Hope this helps.
    There are houses to rent again it depends where it is as to how much. I have rented 3 houses here the rents were 300 lev for a beautiful fully renovated 2 bed village house, 250 lev for a rubbish nasty house in a good village & 275 lev for a renovated 2 bed in a good village near to the city. You can rent an apartment in the city of Veliko Turnovo for 300 – 400 lev a month but winter fuel bills would be another 400 lev a month as it would be run on electric, which is expensive here. The average wage here is aprox 400 lev a month for in the city, shops etc village wages are 20 – 25 lev a day again depending on where you are as some people have pushed the prices up.

    We are really fortunate here to have 4 distinct seasons & pretty much can guarantee very cold & snowy winters from Dec through to end of Feb sometimes mid March then beautiful sunshine from April through Oct, obviously this can seem to change as this year we have had the weird weather too. Hardly any snow very warm temps only getting really cold for a couple of weeks & not dropping that far! We get -27c & have had -38c but not this year :-)
    We will be lacking water this year due to lack of snow & rain fall. We don’t get that much rain here but the country is very very green & beautiful.

    I would recommend you come for a holiday but not at the coast as such, try one of the quieter places like Kitten, Sozopol etc but stay away from Sunny beach, Golden Sands etc unless you like hectic overcrowded resorts :-(

    I hope this was helpfull


  8. Joanna Rosina says:

    Hi Russell

    The winters are very cold & crisp, but dry! Lots of deep snow which is dry & sometimes blue :-) it is beautiful mainly in the winter but very very cold I have had -27c & -38c This year though we have barely had a winter only two bouts of snow & only one hung around & hardly cold, only two weeks of really cold weather & that was only -6c & or higher.
    The locals well as I have said before it depends where you live & what impression the Brits have made on that village/city/town. They appreciate us trying to learn the language, that is for sure, however bad we may be. I have wonderful Bulgarian friends in my village & a lovely Russian friend too. Some will hold a grudge as anywhere in the world, but very few in my opinion. Overall we are accepted & loved by many.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Joanna Rosina says:

    Hi Marion
    Yes I agree. I now find myself here alone after my marriage has broken :-(
    It is very hard but I love the country & living here so much I am trying my best to make it work for me. Hard at the moment especially as I don’t drive & live in the middle of nowhere! My best friends live hours away from me & I mean 4 hours away, so I am trying to meet new people, which again is hard. Just because we maybe speak the same language does not mean we can be friends. So I am out on a limb at the moment but hope to start to enjoy life again soon. x