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June 2012
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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

England The Jubilee & Rain Rain Rain While Bulgaria Swealters

June 11, 2012

Apart from being with family & the fact England is glorious in the sunshine the other great thing about being here, at this time, is the Queens Diamond Jubilee. I am so happy to be able to celebrate such a wonderful achievement by a wonderful woman who has done so much for England. I know some people are not for her but most are, & I most definitely am!

Here are some photo’s of bunting etc…. Congratulations to Queen Lilibet may we have you for many more years of historic rule xxxxx

Even the amusements joined in

Even the smugglers joined in ;-D

Pie, Mash & Liquor, off course flying the Union jack

I would have taken pictures from the Jubilee party we went to but the wind put paid to that!  Yes you guessed, by the time the official celebrations came around the beautiful weather left!  Well it may have been God awful weather, but it didn’t dampen the British spirit & we partied anyway. The party we went to was a BBQ & it was cooked out in rain, if  consumed inside lol.  We were very privileged to socialise with a lovely woman who only had 3 weeks to live, less than two now.  She summed up the strength of the English determination, in that she was enjoying her food, a good drink & chatting away, while smoking rollies (& why the heck not). Her life has been one of struggle, with having contracted Polio as a small girl & spending most of her childhood in an “iron lung” she has battled to live a normal life. Then with a divorce under her belt she had lung Cancer, which she beat. Only now it is back & has spread to her kidneys & spine.  She is a jolly woman with sad eyes & I am sad I will never meet her again!  Mum had a great time & the chat never stopped for 7 hours!!!!!!

A Diamond Jubilee is something I will not see again in my lifetime & I don’t think my Granddaughters will see it either!  Only the British can do the pomp & ceremony like we do, no other country could hold a candle, even the USA with all their money. You know why? Because we have real bonafide Royalty which stretches back as far as we can go, blood lines to shrink from but now we have the best blooming Queen the world has ever seen. I know there are many people who moan about the monarchy well I love them along with most of the population & I was really pleased to be here to celebrate the last of the Jubilee’s. Mind you I can’t wait to get home to Bulgaria & lose the consumerism that is overwhelming me here.

I still feel lost but have been having a great time catching up with family (who are all important in my life & my heart) & I have just spent 4 days with my sister in law, Niece, Nephew, respective wife & partner, & my adorable great Niece. It was a lovely time but the weather was not kind at all!!!! It has rained so much that flooding has occurred & in places unheard of, one of which is Bognor Regis where my children & granddaughters are living & all the time Nigel & my friends are melting in the heat in Bulgaria, mid 30′s & rising!

Beam me home Blue Air……………..

by Joanna Rosina. Find out more about Joanna Rosina here.

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