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April 2012
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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

Snow, Easter & Hot Cross Buns in Bulgaria

April 17, 2012

My village in the background with the blossom just starting to show

So Spring arrived & we all shot into the garden, getting some sun & doing garden work, planting etc. Then we had three days of strong  winds then woke to SNOW!!!! It started as rain & this has made everything go green & shoot through the ground like a magic wand has been waved, amazing, it never fails to make me wonder.

I adore this time of year.  The weather is not too hot that you can’t breath, but the air is warm & the sun hot on the skin.  It’s deceptive here as outside my kitchen under the grapevine is cooler than the front of the house which is a heat trap with no breeze, very good in spring as its a great sunbathing area early in the year,  so I am a happy bunny :-)  I love to drive out & see the changing views of the surrounding countryside, it’s delicious.  As we drive past the trees, that to all intense & purpose look dead, suddenly a white mass of blooms appear.  The leaf buds opening & the trees  starting to change from the bare dead sticks,  giving us that tantalising glimpses of green.  Now we have moved into true spring most of the trees are in full greenery all different shades, the cherry, plum  & Pear blossom has finished & the pink Apple blossom is now in view. The weeds are also coming along nicely & soon I will start the constant grooming of the ground that lasts till the drought in August, hard work.

The garden has been awash with colour with the tulips, various white & yellow daffodils, pink white & blue grape hyacinth , bluebells & the blue Periwinkle.  Loving the spring garden! The Petunias are ready for planting up, so far I have only one :-) but the love of my spring garden is the three Peony bushes I have, oh I love them! We have had to protect them from the dogs, who have practically decimated the flowers, especially the Madonna  Lillie’s, which I adore! So we have humped up the stone & Nigel has surrounded them to stop the dogs running amok!

Seeds are planted, but I am lagging behind on flowers as we have to find things to protect them from the dogs. i have replaced all my Geraniums, which died this winter, (don’t ask!) & I have seeded the wine barrels

I have not had Hot cross buns for 4 years & I miss them every Easter. For me it sums up what happened on Good Friday (in remembrance), It’s about the bread of life (I am not Catholic) Its the same as the Easter Egg sums up new life on Easter Sunday! Here in Bulgaria we can by Kazanlac, Kolache or Kozunac Easter bread but it is really nothing like a hot cross bun :-(

I wish I had spoken up before, because my mum gave me her recipe over the phone & I made them straight away! When my husband came home from work he was well impressed :-) You can find the recipe on my food blog the link is on the about me page.

The Cherry Blossom at our entrance

Easter was great, we have friends who have just moved over to Bulgaria so we invited them for Easter. First we went to an evangelical church, all in Bulgarian but it was fantastic & the choir was amazing.

Then we went to a friends restaurant for coffee egg fight & catch up then it was back home to cook the Lamb dinner, drink Red wine & eat cake, while awaiting dinner :-) I had dyed the eggs on the Saturday (traditionally you must dye them on the Thursday or the Saturday) & made a truly scrumptious cheesecake. Good times!


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