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March 2012
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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

Garden Planning

March 10, 2012

Phew winter is really on its way out. I have been out three times with no coat on, a cardigan yes but too hot for a winter coat. In fact I have been too hot while shopping (inside) & had to strip off.

It getting exciting now. Spring is not here yet, as it is only March, but I can almost smell & touch it, it’s so close.  After a good look around the garden, which at this time of year is always devastating, I was very overwhelmed by the amount of work that we have to do & that is before all the weeds start to take over!   The problem is more with me than the garden.

Winter takes it’s toll on us all here, especially one that has been nothing but thick snow for three months. I am now discusing plans with Nigel for the outside. In the spring & summer the house takes a back seat & life is led in the gardens. I am very fortunate as we have developed distinct areas. Although they still need lots of work we do have the house area as a garden & vinyard. The pool area with the barns which will be the entertainment area & the back which is our vegetable & orchard area haha that sounds posh doesn’t it!  We had it ploughed by the tractor & now we are waiting for a local with his horse to come & turn it over after winter has broken it down, along with me.

So after looking around I was very dissheartened but after thinking it all through I am now much more possitive. Yes a lot of work ahead but that is the same every spring its just some things are worse. There is a stone wall in the vegetable area, which is part of the boundry between us & next doors land. I think it was once his barn wall. This is collapsing on our side & will soon be pile of rubble making our property open to anyone. This needs to be re built but will take time Nigel hasn’t got, & money we can ill afford. Next to that a fence is also bent over & on the verge of collapse, giving us double the previous problem. All this is due to the amount of snow we have had & the weight of it.

There are areas of rubble that need removing, due to Nigels philosophy of it will be great hard core!!!! Typical man thing. My problem is it looks daggy & is by one of my fig bushes & morrello cherry tree, so its in my way. We also have a large green Luton box van, another pile of rubble, which includes a broken toilet pan & a broken Mondeo car! Mens rubbish which all means something but looks like you are walking into a abandoned squat! The barn is no better with the roof collapsing in parts, something which needs fixing but again time & money. So I firstly got that gut sinking feeling.  

We still have a couple pockets of snow in the pool area  & in the pear orchard but other than that we are now clear. The road sides are the same where the snow has been ploughed to the side, its still there & in the forests & lake areas the ground is still covered although the lakes are still frozen you can see signs of a thaw at the edges. As I looked around the vegetable & grapevine areas in the back of our property, I could see the Chesum (Garlic) which is growing nicely & that managed to cheer me up. Also when the weather warms up a bit, again, I can get out there & start to stake the grape vines back up &  tidy the weeds.  I have been getting excited about what I am going to plant. My friend has bought me some parsnip seeds so they will take pride of place, love love loving the Parsnip!

We need to plant our newly appropriated Blackberry & Rasberry bushes. This sadly gives me a lot to think about. Do I plant them in the back , in the front, in barrels or in the ground?   

Our Barrels

When we bought this house we inherited some old wine barrels, which I LOVE I just wish we had more! We have been waiting to decide what to do with them & this year I want to get them planted up. Wow that area has changed so much, this photo is taken when we first moved here. The buildings need


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