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February 2012
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Living in Bulgaria, a village life

A Dogs Story

February 16, 2012


My Village this week

Well we are still up to our eyes in the white stuff! Glad to say though that yesterday we managed to get out to see friends & enjoy fresh air, the first time in a month for me. To say I was a happy bunny is a real understatement. The temps are starting to rise now so we are hopeful for a thaw & a  first step towards spring!

Nigel  has taken up walking again. He used to walk for 2 hours a day (in the snow too) but after coming back from working in the Uk for a few months the walking went out the window. 

Hoppie holding up her poorly paw ;-(

Now he has a little wounded stray dog he feeds just outside the village, so he goes out every day looking for her food in hand & normally ends up feeding up to 5 with her  little friends she has made in the snow.

I have fallen for this little one who will now be pregers

They  pull at the heart strings & I wish we could give them homes, but we have 4 of our own rescued dogs & I think there would be murders if we tried adding another. We couldn’t afford to feed another properly let alone vets fees! Nevertheless we find the extra food to keep these little ones from starving, its not enough but it helps a bit. We have called the little stray Hoppie, as she has a wounded front paw which is not getting any better. Nigel saw her hopping around by the cheshma (Spring) & she touched his heart. Nigel decided to give her some food & he has gained a certain amount of trust. Now she talks to him & when she see’s him she runs to him & chats away, bless her. We even managed to give her food on Christmas day! We think her paw will never be healed, but until we can get her trust & get her in the car, then have the money for a vet, there is nothing we can do. We will get her seen to when we can, in the mean time we will make sure she doesn’t die from lack of food! I have fallen for one of her friends such a cutie, but she will soon be with pups as she is being got by male dogs. This will mean she needs more food & then the pups will be loose too. I hope we can maybe get them into a sanctuary & maybe get homes for them, we will see what happens.

The stray dog & cat situation here is not good but its worse in the villages. In the towns they are tagged so people know they are not agressive & they are basically left alone. They get food from diners & are allowed near restaurants in the summer so people give them left overs. Some sleep on corners & they generally just play with their friends & keep out of peoples way. There are people who give them food & pet them too but mainly they just get on with life.

In the villages they are left to breed till they die & the pups are gotten rid of, or chucked out to fend for themselves. Mainly they are harmless but treated badly, so we help where we can, as do lots of people all across Bulgaria. There are lots of negatives but also, if you look there are lots of positives too! We got two of our dogs through a charity, one pup, who was too young, was pushed under our garage gate & one pup was given to me in a potato sack:-( They are now all part of our family along with our 5 cats, but that’s another story!

by Joanna Rosina. Find out more about Joanna Rosina here.

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2 Responses to “A Dogs Story”

  1. Hi, maybe you can ask for help for the doggies here:


    We adopted ourselves a dog from this German-Bulgarian organization.

  2. Oh, Joanna, my heart goes out to you … and all the dogs. We live in France and I am involved here in rescuing and rehoming unwanted/ abandoned/ mistreated dogs but the problems here are nothing compared to what you describe over there. Feral cats, plenty around here, but feral dogs…
    Thank you from across the miles for doing what you are doing to help.