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Kiss and Tell is the ultimate single girl's guide to living in Berlin. From parties to prose. From adventures to awakenings. This blog aims to be as enlightening as it is entertaining. More Info

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March 2017
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Kiss and Tell


Carly Abramovitz is a psychologist and blogger from Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to Berlin in July 2014 and is still discovering all that this great city has to offer. Carly works primarily with adults in her therapy practice.

She specializes in parent support and education. She offers individual consultations and workshops to parents of children under the age of 5. She is passionate about facilitating bonding and secure attachment between parents and their infants/toddlers. She is trained and licensed to conduct workshops based on the Circle of Security Parenting model, which was developed in the USA. To learn more about this model visit and watch this video.

For more information about Carly’s work as a psychologist see her website. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact Carly on 0152 0249 2642 or [email protected]

Carly also has her own blog, Carly’s Couch, which she uses to connect to people all around the world, offering advice and wisdom on just about any subject including sex, love, and relationships. As a young, vibrant person Carly is passionate about breaking down the stereotype about “boring, fuddy-duddy” psychologists. She hopes to inspire people to be themselves and to not feel boxed in by others’ expectations.

As an expat herself, Carly has first hand experience of some of the challenges facing others who have relocated to Berlin. It is her mission to provide a frank yet optimistic view of this process while hopefully also providing some useful hints and tips for how to navigate the social and emotional landscape of living as an expat in Berlin. Her blog Kiss and Tell is all about the specifics of this journey as a single person. Join her on her adventures as she discovers all that Berlin has to offer.