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June’s Ramblings from Tuscany

Easter Day, Stylish Outfits and the Invasion Starts in Beautiful Tuscany

May 3, 2014

Welcome to all my Loyal and New Followers

Fiorentino in strange crouching position. Photo Official Website

Fiorentina in strange crouching position.
Photo Official Website

Easter morning in our local village of Fiano and like every other self-respecting Italian, Laura has closed her bar/alimentari for the Festa.  So we repair to the other bar, Caffe La Piazzetta, in the piazza where it is sunny enough to sit outside and watch the world go by.  The village was very quiet, even subdued, then the man reminded me that the Fiorentina (Florence) football team lost their match the day before.  The football results always affects the mood in the village.

The tourist invasion starts at Easter and the advance guard were five Russian men at a nearby table.  I studied these characters and noted that the leader was a bit of a loudmouth.  The others consisted of a humorist, a silent old boy, an idoliser and a bored one.  The latter went into the bar and came out with some hair of the dog to try to liven things up.  I gazed around the piazza, which is really a car park.  The big horse-chestnut trees were sprouting their first blossoms and what with the wintered in brollies now being up, it was all very relaxing.  Then I saw my man stiffen as four aliens arrived in bright skin-tight dayglow outfits and oval hard hats, floating on bicycles.  Their strangely clad feet made tapping noises as they walked into the bar, to check which planet they had landed on.  They did not stay long, and left sucking on tubes stuck into plastic bottles.  My man shook his head, “Ha, look at that, only pansies have mudguards on the back of their bikes….”

Buratta con Verdura Grilliata

Buratta con verdure Grilliate Photo J Finnigan



Later, over lunch at ‘C’era Una Volta’ in Lucardo, the ristorante is full.  Paolo had saved us our favourite corner spot so that we could people watch again.  “Gosh, look over there, the last time I saw an outfit like that it was worn by  a member of The Who Band in the early 70′s,” my man hooted.  He was right; a beautiful purple trouser suit with flared trousers, black shiny cuban heeled ankle boots and a matching scarf thrown around the neck.  Make-up had been carefully applied and the hair was big and sprayed carefully into place.  The eighty plus year old Nonna was stunning.   “To your left June…” my man was nudging me, “Those two are the Italian version of Absolutely Fabulous!”  I tried not to laugh out loud, as he was spot on again.  Patsy and friend (please remind me of the friend’s name) were posturing two tables down to my left.  Hair and faces were almost identical to the TV stars and the clothes were so seventies.  I was starting to really enjoy myself.  I dug into my wonderful dish of Buratta con verdure Grilliate and sighed with contentment.

Earlier, over cocktails in Montespertoli, we had spotted a thirty something male with a pony tail in silver lame suit and black silk scarf, several smart jacketed ladies in tight jeans, leopard skin stilettos and matching handbags.  And the Crew-Cut Family, all ladies and three generations walking in twos, arms linked with matching black crew-cuts.  The parade from church is always fascinating.

Easter Monday, the family invaded and our granddaughter stayed on for two nights.  The grandson was recovering from a bout of asthma, so went home with Mum and Dad.  He is fine now.  My Man went to London on the Tuesday so my beautiful nine-year old granddaughter and I, had some quality girls time and far too much chocolate!

Silvio gaffes again photo Huffington Post

Silvio gaffes again
photo Huffington Post

Oh dio, Silvio has gaffed again.  SB has provoked outrage, in suggesting that Germany did not acknowledge the existence of World War Two concentration camps!  Some say it was a swipe at his old foe Martin  Schulz, the German president of the European Parliament and the centre-left candidate to lead the EU Commission.  The two previously came head to head in 2003.  SB said that his own centre-right party would pick up around 20 percent support in the up and coming elections in May.  SB claimed that his original comments in 2003 were not meant to be insulting, suggesting that MS might like a part in a film, thinking of ‘Hogan’s Heros’ and the part of the stupid guard, Sergeant Schultz!  He had thought MS would have been flattered…….!  Oh Dio…….

So, its back to the drawing board for SB and the novel for me.  I would love to hear from you, so do drop me a line.  If you would like an invite to my Tuscan Rock Concert on 28 June email [email protected]

Salute June x

by June Finnigan. Find out more about June Finnigan here.

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