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August 2011
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Dogs no longer banned from public places

August 23, 2011

Just seen this post from website.  Hope its true!!!

“Great news for animal lovers, until recently all parks and many public areas in Cyprus posted signs banning animals (especially dogs), but now due to the European legislation this is no longer the case. Pet owners are allowed to take their pets to public areas and can now safely ignore any signs as long as they make sure they clean up after their pets (not doing so carries heavy fines under Cyprus Law). Pets are still not allowed at beaches and understandably a children play places. According to the source article the Municipality of Nicosia has already started replacing the signs and installing waste bins.”

by Lindsay. Find out more about Lindsay here.

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3 Responses to “Dogs no longer banned from public places”

  1. That’s great news BUT whatever happened to each principality having a designated “dog friendly” beach?

    This should have happened a couple of years ago but none of them seem to be conforming to that ruling….

  2. Great I can now walk my dog in the park legally.
    About time too…..I was begining to think I was living in an uncivilized country!!!!!!!!!

  3. As far as I”m aware the dog beach thing isn’t happening. I’m not sure it was ever a ‘ruling’, more something that was said to appease people. It did happen in Ayia Napa but apparently the designated beach was dirty and full of rocks & if my sources are correct it no longer exists. I wouldn’t hold your breath for the dog beach!! But every little helps in other areas!