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Written by Hobo, my beautiful Husky Cross, Hobo's Blog tells the story of his daily life with his other rescued friends at our home in the Western Algarve. More Info

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Hobo -Tick Treatment May Have Been a Factor in his Death

July 2, 2016

Since Hobo´s death, it has come to light that a drug that Hobo was given against parasites, fluralaner, marketed under the trade name Bravecto, may have been involved in causing the thrombocytopaenia that caused his sad demise. I am posting this as a warning to others who own “snow-dogs”, as these in particular seem to be particularly affected and sensitive to these drugs.

Symptoms of fluralaner toxicity include:

  • Vomiting (~7%)
  • Decreased appetite (~6.7%)
  • Diarrhea (~5%)
  • Lethargy (~5.5%)
  • Excessive thirst (polydipsia) (~2%)
  • Excessive gas in stomach or intestine (flatulence) (~1%)

There is no antidote for fluralaner poisoning.

At the moment, the ADE report is showing only 470 deaths, as many dogs have died without postmortem or proof of the involvement. Merck require blood for testing, and in most cases, as in Hobo’s, we found out just too late. However, you can join the Facebook Group “ Does Bravecto Kill Dogs?” which gives details of how to report under their files tab. There is also a sister Group here:

There is also a Petition that you may sign here:

Hobo died in the most awful way, he was the most gentle and kind dog and did not deserve to die like this.

I don’t want any other people to lose their dogs and suffer the way we have over this loss.

RIP my precious boy.


by Hobo. Find out more about Hobo here.