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March 2017
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Health, Fitness & Lifestyle


I, like many people nowadays, spent my teens and twenties over-indulging and living the life of a couch potato and before long found myself overweight, unfit and was in danger of things spiralling out of control.  Luckily, in my late 20s with the help of those around me I managed to turn things around before it was too late, and before long was enjoying the benefits of becoming fitter, slimmer and healthier having lost 4 stone in weight and become a regular at my local gym.  I moved to Spain 8 years ago and found that the new me was perfectly suited to the outdoor lifestyle we are able to take advantage of in the Costa Blanca, and to my surprise I found I was actually enjoying my new way of life which had become second nature.

My transformation from a fat and frumpy junk food addict to someone who is fit and healthy who takes advantage of what’s on offer around them (including the beautiful Spanish countryside, delicious foods and the odd glass of red wine!) has inspired me to help others and this lead me to study & qualify in the field of nutrition, health, exercise and fitness.

Since then, I have used my knowledge and experience to help others which has proved to be really rewarding and an excellent way to stay motivated.  In addition, I have been helping smokers to stop, as it is one of the worst habits for their health.  I also work alongside a qualified fitness instructor & martial artist with many years experience and feel that I am therefore now in an excellent position to offer information of general interest as well as tips and advice on the subject of health, fitness and lifestyle.

I hope you will find this blog interesting to read and that it will be beneficial to those of you who would like to live a full life in Spain and improve their general wellbeing. In addition, I am able to offer treatments to help you stop smoking in just one session, or for those of you who would like to lose weight I offer individually tailored weight loss plans to enable you to make the most of life in the Costa Blanca.

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