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The highs and the lows of starting again in a new culture, about learning things the hard way, and about doing things differently. More Info

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April 2017
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Frankly Franglaise


An expat blog about living, discovering and working in the South of France.  It’s about the journey of falling in and out of love, on a daily basis, with a new lifestyle and new set of rules.   It’s about a hard-working girl working hard at ‘living the dream’.

Annette is English by birth, French by heart.  The annual holiday since childhood was always in the South West of France.  The food, the people, the language and the environment all convinced her that this was the life she was born to live.  After 20 years of solid and steady UK employment and no dependents – that was it.  Turning 40 would not just mean Over the Hill – in this case it meant Over the Channel too.   She decided it was ‘now or never’ – it was time to ditch the suits, take her beloved dog and give La Vie Fran­çaise a try.

Several years later, she and the dog still live in Languedoc in the heart of ‘the real South of France’, about 40 minutes from the Mediterranean with her half French/half English boyfriend.  For the past few years she has been working freelance as a “Euro Commuter” on UK projects via the internet.  Annette is fascinated by other female and Anglophone entrepreneurs in the region that strive and succeed in such an unlikely business environment.

This blog is about working, it’s about the highs and the lows of starting again in a new culture, it’s about learning things the hard way, it’s about doing things differently.  It’s about proving almost anything is possible if you try.

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And if you work at home in France as a freelancer or auto-entrepreneur – there is now “Jelly”!

Languedoc Jelly coworking eventsLanguedoc Jelly is a casual co-working event for home-workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers to get a change of scene and work in a different environment for a day or a few hours.   It aims to help break the isolation of working on your own and bring a social, creative influence to your work.  It is also completely free.

Find more information about Jelly co-working events via

Annette launched Languedoc Jelly in March 2011.  Jelly is not a business.  It is a non-profit making activity that originated in the USA – Languedoc Jelly is the first co-working initiative for Anglophones and expats in France.