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July 2012
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Frankly Franglaise

Digger disruption

July 10, 2012

Life will no longer be as simple in our street.  Or in our village, which is currently just a big mess.

The average age of the population is probably over 60, and most of the houses are large with at least one vehicle parked outside.  Our street is a main(ish) traffic route through the village.  The powers that be have decided to remove the parking areas and replace them with wider pavements to narrow the road, but are  not providing any other kind of alternative parking.  ”Way to go!”

The healthy trees that lined and shaded the road have been ripped up, and the diggers are drilling in.  It’s chaos.

The announcement for these works came mid June.  Work started in July.  They have dug, drilled and destroyed the access to most peoples front doors.  We are advised that the works will pause for the August holidays, and will resume after the vendanges, probably the end of September.  Estimated finish date January 2013.

Happy holidays !

by Annette. Find out more about Annette here.

2 Responses to “Digger disruption”

  1. Dorothy Barraclough says:

    You could have been writing about our lovely little village, Tourbes. Exactly the same is happening here, perhaps in other villages too! It’s crazy making the roads so narrow it’s almost impossible for cars to get past one another let alone lorries and buses, and it seems as if they (the powers that be) really don’t want visitors at all as the parking has been cut down so drastically that nobody can find a space anywhere unless they are prepared to walk way down the road. Our village also has been in total chaos for months and months and still it
    goes on.

  2. Theodora Simons says:

    I thought of you, Dorothy, when I read this post and then I saw that you had already replied. Theo