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May 2012
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Cheese-filled Chocolates

Rite of Passage ..

May 4, 2012
go truckspotting

Copyright CFC.


24 hours and counting.  That is if you are a MEMBER of the International COMEDY CLUB OF SWITZERLAND.
Err, we had between yesterday and this morning Friday 4th May, before … 11.00 hrs Swiss Time, to secure TICKETS for EDDIE IZZARD WORLDTOUR 2013.
Tickets to his Shows in GENEVA, 25th and 26th April, and in ZURICH, 27th April 2013.
Eddie Izzard will be on a World Tour, called : ” FORCE MAJEURE ” between 2013 and 2014.
Tickets are / were NOW Available to The ” General Public ” of Switzerland.
( err, so, errhm …. ” Generalistic are We … ? ! ” … ) on TICKETCORNER.CH.

” The Pope is guarded by the Swiss Guard who stand proudly in pajamas and silly hats. ” EDDIE IZZARD.

” You notice how they always put the fruit and veg at the entrance to the supermarket ? You go in thinking ` this is a fresh shop, everything in here is FRESH !
I will do well to shop here `
You never go straight to the bit with the toilet paper, loo brushes and such do you ?  You `d think ` This is a Poo Shop !
Everything in here is themed on poo ! `  “ EDDIE IZZARD.

This Week, on the Night of : Wednesday 2nd May, was a Sell – Out ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT NIGHT, here in ZURICH, at EXIL.
With 3 Number 1`s in The Swiss ALBUM CHARTS.
This is their 13th Album Release.
” Life is Today ” is the name, and the Single is called : ” Truth is “.
From Basel, founded in 1992, BRIT-POP Inspired, Singing in English, this Swiss Band of 5 Guys, go by the name : ” LOVE BUGS “.
They will be playing in quite a few of the Music Festivals taking place, this Summer, all over Switzerland.



Onto this Weekend, Chaps and Chicks !
Option One.
Get out of the, erhm …. ” Small Town – Big City – Down – Town ” of Zurich.
Go to GRUYERES and Visit the 5th Annual CHEESE FESTIVAL.
Which will be taking place in the heart of this Swiss Medieval Town, from 10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.
CHEESE MARKET and OTHER TRADITIONAL REGIONAL SWISS PRODUCE , like : Lace – Makers, Embroiderers, Wood Sculptors, and, more.
It promises to be a Festive Day accompanied by SWISS COUNTRY MUSIC, and, ALPINE HORNS, and, FLAG THROWERS, in COSTUME.
Gruyeres and their such – like Festivities are well worth One DAY – TRIP in our, erhm … ” CFC Opinion “.  Really Atmospheric, Sweet, and, err, A REAL Village, is Gruyeres.
Don`t Forget to Buy some Locally Made : GRUYERES MERINGUES whilst you are there, to take home with you, to have with Ice – Cream, and, …. err Cream …
so that you can make a Very easy, Very quick ALL – TIME SWISS DESSERT, when Only SUUUUUGAAAAARRRRR will do !! ??
That`s : Meringue, Vanilla Ice – Cream, and, Whipped Cream, all served together, on the one plate.
you – decide.


Orrrr …
Option Two for this weekend, of Saturday 5th, and, Sunday 6th May, ALL TAKING PLACE IN ZURICH, and, Over the SAME PARTS OF TOWN,
that is to say :
KREIS 4 and KREIS 5.
Area 4 and Area 5 of Zurich.
Which are Clearly Demarcated, on Nice 1 page, Printable MAPS to put in your, err … URBAN CITY BAG …..on the following KREISLAUF 4+5 LANGSTRASSE FESTIVAL Website :


There wiil be a POP – UP STORE.
Oh yes ….  ” None of Us are Safe From New York Trends ” ……. ? !
Even, here in a rather …. err …. ” Secluded Switzerland ” ….. ! ?
Yep, Popping On Up at : STARKART, on Brauerstrasse 126, 8004, in Kreis 4.
Starkart is an Independant Venue for All kinds of Art in Zurich.


LA BELLE ET LES BEAUX, and, or, EDITO FORTUNA will be Organising this O FORTUNA Event, Tomorrow.
The Pop – Up Store, and, an ALL – DAY PARTY at this Venue too, will be from 10.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs.
And, unusually for Switzerland, it will also be OPEN ON SUNDAY, from 0900 hrs to 18.00 hrs, with BRUNCH organised from 09.00 hrs.
Sounds all quite, mmm, Pleasurable …


Moreover, returning to the, mmm, ” MAIN EVENT “, of THE KREISLAUF 4+5 LANGSTRASSE FESTIVAL, and, kindly referring to our recently printed MAPS ….
This is a Coming – Together, Festival, to Celebrate the Most Creatively Concentrated, and, Exciting Area of Zurich.
you – decide.
Kreis 4 and 5, are basically situated on either side, of a Long Street, which is very well known here, called : LANGSTRASSE.
Over 80 Boutiques and Studios will be ” Platformed ” not only on Saturday, and, OPEN ON SUNDAY TOO.
From . 11.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.
There will also be, err …. ” Guided Tours ” with Swiss Well-Know Celebrities, who will be taking …. Small Groups …. To Their Favourite Stores ….
A : ” Shopping with one of your Favourite ” Prominents ” Experience ” then … ?? !!
Prominent, being the word for, Celebrity, here in the German Speaking Part of Switzerland.
All of the Boutiques and Studios are Marked on the Maps, so that you can do … YOUR OWN TOUR, and, …. decide ….
We here, at, erhm : ” CFC Incorporated ” suggest that you get yourself to LANGSTRASSE, check what is on that street out, and,
then Mediate and Navigate your Swiss – Urban – Summer of 2012  – Adventure …. from there  ….

Just a bit of a ” Head`s Up “, now.
Langstrasse is the RED – LIGHT AREA OF ZURICH.
It is One of THE Places to go out and have drinks, and, eats for people, errhm : ” In General of Generalistic General-ism ” …
AND, where most of Zurich`s cool and alternative shops are … for all kinds of merchandise …
You could draw a kind of a Parallel, between the Langstrasse Area, and the SOHO SOCIAL AREA OF LONDON.
Where Sex Shops, Cool Shops, Bars, Cafés, Restaurants, and, PEOPLE WATCHING, all MERGE ….
Another Parallel, could also been drawn between the Langstrasse area, and the PIGALLE SOCIAL AREA OF PARIS.
Where Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, and, err, Ditto, all Merge … too.

Friday`s Line Up in Zurich

Copyright CFC.

In THE OTHER SOCIAL AREA OF ZURICH, which is called : HARDBRUCKE, and, this area does have a ” Big City and Industrial ” …. Feel and Landscape ….
( Please refer to the Previous Post, entitled : ” Lake Pretty Placid ” .)
Hardbrucke has Bars, Cafés, Restaurants, and, NIGHTCLUBS, filled with people of a Friday, and, Saturday Night.
In the Middle of Hardbrucke.
There is a Type Of An ….. err …. ” SWISS SHRINE ” ….
? ! !
Which is called : FREITAG.
It is A FLAG-SHIP SHOP made out of 9 FLOORS OF SHIPPING CONTAINERS stacked up upon each other.
Open 11.00 hrs to 19.30 hrs.
On Geroldstrasse 17, 8005, Zurich.
Right by Hardbrucke Train Station.

swiss urban shrine

Copyright CFC.

Temple of Frietag

Copyright CFC.

Especially for those living in and around ZURICH.
Weeeelllll …
Is it us …. ?
Or …. ?
Are we ” CFC ” The Only Ones who see FREITAG, and, what they Make and Sell, which is : PRINCIPALLY URBAN CITY BAGS …
Of the opinion that purchasing, owning, and, WEARING A FREITAG BAG, is LIKE A RITE OF PASSAGE WHEN YOU LIVE IN ZURICH … ? !

Freitag, meaning, Literally, and, Urbanely ” Operatively Speaking ” …. : ” FRIDAY ” when translated from German into English.
you - decide.
And, it really doesn`t take long being on the streets of Zurich to be able to Spot Freitag Bags, strapped over, many a folk`s shoulder, Everywhere.
Especially as this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL SWISS BRAND, really does look like no other :

like no other swiss

Copyright CFC.


swiss fashion

Copyright CFC.

Freitag Bags 2012

Copyright CFC.

Made out of, and, this is a HUGE PART of the SWISS APPEAL AND PRIDE, intrinsic to FREITAG – All their Products are made out of RECYCLED MATERIALS.
Recyling and, err, ” SWISSNESS  ” go together as one, here in Switzerland.
So if an Urban Product can be both ” Cool ” and Made by the use of Recycling, then there you have it : THE SUCCESS OF FREITAG, erhm, in a Nut – Shell, that is ….
Who knows the rest of the story … ?? … !!
Other than to tell you-s a bit about who is behind this MONSTER, Made in Switzerland ( ultra important that too ! ) SWISS BRAND.
In 1993, 2 Graphic Designer BROTHERS, err, whose SURNAME is FREITAG, wanted a Messenger Bag.
When it Rains, they get Wet.
Marcus and Daniel Frietag wanted ( To Quote from the Freitag WebSite )  :

” …. a heavy – duty, functional and water repellent bag to carry their designs.
Inspired by the cheerfully coloured lorries rumbling along the cross-Zurich highway just in front of their flat, they cut a messenger bag out of an old truck tarpaulin.
As the carry belt, they used second-hand car seat-belt webbing, while an old bicycle inner tube provided the edging. ”

” As luck would have it, their personal need turned into a business which now employs more than 120 people.
Since their original messenger bag, the FREITAG brothers have developed and marketed several bags for women and men.
FREITAG produces two bag lines: The classic FUNDAMENTALS with over 40 models, that are constantly being developed further and complemented.
Since September 2010 the new FREITAG REFERENCE Line, which is being launched in seasonal collections.
FREITAG products now sell round the globe, in over 350 shops, at our online shop and in our FREITAG shops in Berlin, Davos, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna, New York, Tokyo and Zurich.
They continue to be made in Switzerland. ”

real zurich ride real bicycles

Copyright CFC.

saddle up outside Freitag Flagship shop

Copyright CFC.


There is even a FREITAG EXHIBITION, at the MUSEUM FUR GESTALTUNG, The Museum of Design, here in Zurich, by Limmatplatz, right in the city.
” Freitag, Out of the Bag ” is the name of it, started in April this year, and, the Exhibition will be open until 29th July 2012.
Costing ( approx ) 7 Swiss Francs, for Entry.
Over this Summer there is a Programme of Talks which will be given, by Employees at Freitag, like the Brand Manager, and, by the FREITAG BROTHERS,
themselves, who are The Creative Directors ( of course ! )
This Wednesday 9th May, Daniel Freitag, from 18.00 hrs onwards, at The Design Museum, will be Talking about : ” How the Identity of Freitag has Grown. ”
On Wednesday 18th July, Markus Freitag, at the same time, in the same place, will be Talking about : ” The History of the Brand of the Bag. ”

At the end of this Month, on 31st May, the Book will be Published :
Freitag, Out of the Bag, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (ed.), E, Lars Müller Publishers.
For : 29.90 Swiss Francs.
From Making Bags for Themselves and for Friends …. to, 18 years later …. in 2011 :

” In 2011 the company employs a staff of 130, processes around 400 metric tons of truck tarpaulins and
sells 300 000 products worldwide in nine of its own stores, through 400 sales partners, and in the online shop.
Freitag is regarded as a model of the Swiss creative industry. ”

( To Quote from the Freitag Exhibition Website. )


Tour Switzerland Stop Freitag

Copyright CFC.

Is it us, or .. ??!!
Freitag`s FLAGSHIP STORE, is situated … RIGHT OPPOSITE THIS BUILDING, as above .. ?? .. !!
When You DO TOUR SWITZERLAND, FREITAG IN ZURICH, Must, Most, Definitely, Be One of The STOPS.

All Styles of Bags, from Hand – bags, to Overnight Bags, are now Produced by FREITAG.
Including : Wallets, Purses, i – Pad Covers, i – Phone Covers, Diary – Planners, Key – Holders, Toiletry Bags …..
With Prices Ranging from : 45.00 to 800.00 Swiss Francs.
And, an ” Average ” Price of a Messenger Type Bag, or, Hand Bag, COSTS in the region of : 200.00 Swiss Francs.
200. 00 Swiss Francs, OK, in other Currencies that is ( Currently ) :
166.00 Euros.
Is this a Reasonable Price for an Accessory made from Recycled Truck Tarpaulin …. Recycled Car Seat Belts …. Recycled Bicycle Inner – Tubing ….. ? ?
you – decide.

swiss urban recycled cool

Copyright CFC.

Finally, before we, err, ” Pop off ” ….. This Monday 7th May, at Kongresshaus, from 20.00 hrs, in Zurich.
Tickets are between 60.00 and 110.00 Swiss Francs.
TANGERINE DREAM will be playing their ONLY SWISS CONCERT this year ! … ?
Formed in 1967 from Germany`s West – Berlin Underground Scene.
Invited to Play for SALVADOR DALI, in the mid 1960`s.
Tangerine Dream, are lesser known, than their, also German, ” Counterpart “, that being : KRAFTWERK …..
Tangerine Dream, being the much more Prolific.
Including having Composed the SOUNDTRACKS of OVER 15 FILMS.
How to, erhm, ” Define ” Tangerine Dream`s Sound – Experience …. ?
Well, Let`s Try with :
Progressive Rock.
New Age.

With the Title Track from their Album….. Um ……. ” FORCE MAJEURE ” …….. Ladies and Gentlemen – Tangerine Dream :


After the 1st Minute, or so, you get to wondering, err, where is this going … ??
Then Fast Forward to about 5 Minutes, and,
then 7 Minutes, and, soooo, onnnn ….
you – decide.


Until Next Time. Thanks For Reading.
Yours, CFC x


by CFC. Find out more about CFC here.

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