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March 2017
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Expat Adventures in Singapore


I moved to Singapore from the UK in July 2010, never having previously given any thought to moving and living abroad. It was my boyfriend’s job that brought us here and since that we subsequently got engaged and then married in October 2011 (back in the UK).

At the moment we are here for the foreseeable future but I try not to take that for granted as so many people I’ve met here have already moved on. We too nearly did the same in 2011, but another opportunity presented itself in Singapore allowing us to remain for now. The UK will always be home but for now at least I see Singapore as my home too. By writing this blog I hope to share my experiences, both the good and the bad, during my time on my expat adventure.

When I began this blog I never imagined I would receive so much interest in it, meet so many fantastic people through it, help others in making the move to Singapore themselves or have so many wonderful opportunities as a result of it. I thoroughly enjoy writing it and welcome any comments you may have on things you’d like to see here, things I can improve on and so on.

Away from blogging I’m a huge animal lover, enjoy reading practically anything, listening to pretty much any kind of music, nights out, eating, exploring the region when we can and anything to do with history.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you’ll return again. If you are a regular reader and perhaps you occasionally comment on posts too – thank you for inspiring me to keep this going!!