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Here at AngloINFO Mexico City, we thrive on providing English speakers in the city with the latest updates and announcements that affect all of us living here. As your one-stop shop to life and living in Mexico City, the team here at AngloINFO has created this ‘InfoBlog’ especially for these kind of updates. Eventually the information published on this blog will go towards updating our “How To” Guides pages whenever relevant. But this blog will ensure you hear about what you need to hear about immediately.

This is not a news feed. Rather we will be carefully selecting and translating announcements that we think you would like to know about, and providing essential advice and information. These updates will often be urgent or time critical, and may be temporary or permanent. They may affect minorities of hundreds, or all of the millions that live in our great city. But whatever we publish, we think you will want to know about it and will find it relevant and useful – which is why we will post it!

And while you’re on here, take a look at our other blogs to see what AngloINFO users and fellow foreigners in Mexico City are up to! If you would like to get in touch with us about this blog, contact us at [email protected]

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The AngloINFO Mexico City Blog Team