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March 2017
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Cascais Live

A night of endless babble and a blunder or two

March 3, 2017

Article by Hans Lamers and Photos by Manuela Nolasco Lamers

The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony and the Cascais Pub Quiz shared the same appointment with fate on Sunday night. Although the Quiz drew on the Oscars for its questions, it cannot lay the blame for its gremlins on the events at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The ‘Best Picture’ clanger at the Oscars anteceded the Quiz by some 8 hours or so.

Almost 50 quizzers packed the upstairs room at Duke and it was the most raucous trivia night ever. One quizzer just loved the sound of his own voice and made sure that everybody heard it too, nonstop. The quizmaster repeatedly came off second best in his attempt to be heard.

No harm done, come again sir, you are more than welcome!

Compared to the Oscars clanger, the Quiz gremlins were of little consequence.

Right from the start, the quizmaster could not get his tongue around the Portuguese pronunciation of the team name ‘Centro Geodésico’. For the rest of the night he merely referred to the outfit as ‘The Portuguese Team’ or ‘The Team With No Name’. Sorry guys! Perhaps we need a new rule – no complicated Portuguese team names that the quizmaster cannot handle (just kidding).

In Round 3, Question 4 failed to make an appearance on the PowerPoint presentation. An unforgivable oops that, so everybody got a free point.

During the Picture Round, by way of an explanation, it was erroneously stated that Billund, the home of Legoland, was in Belgium. Everybody knows that Billund is in Denmark. Okay, okay – the quizmaster duffed it! Never mind, the point scored was for Billund, not for the name of the country.

With a cumulative score of 59 points (out of a possible 66), teams ‘Bejazzled’ (a team of 7) and ‘Setuballers’ (a team of 3) came out tops on the night. Bejazzled took the prize on the tiebreaker question: “Who created and portrayed the characters Ali G and Borat?”

The other teams that participated, in alphabetical order, were:

• Brains Trust

• Centro Geodésico

• Girls Aloud

• Kudu Lover

• Limited Ability

• Miami Vice

• Wizards

A special mention needs to be made of ‘Girls Aloud’, the only team to score the full 10 points in Manuela’s round of riddles, and obscure riddles they were too.

72 EUR were collected for the children’s charity. Thank you!

The usual pictures are attached. Unfortunately the room was so crowded that the photographer could not make her usual round from table to table. Sorry!

See you all again on Sunday 26 March – same place, same time.








by Cascais Live Team. Find out more about Cascais Live Team here.