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January 2017
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Cascais Pub Quiz: A parrot with no teeth

January 26, 2017


Article and photos by Hans Lamers 

The English have a proverb for everything. When something comes right repeatedly, they say, “nothing succeeds like success” [Origin: Sir Arthur Helps in 'Realmah' (1868)]. We would be remiss if we didn’t include the corny old joke: “Nothing succeeds like a parrot with no teeth”, hence our headline. 

Unfortunately, you can also become a victim of your own success. On Sunday, the Quiz came oh so close to turning away quizzers because the upstairs dining area at Duke simply ran out of space. Sorry for the inconvenience. Is there anybody who knows of a larger venue suitable for hosting the Quiz? 

Nine teams participated. Before the mystery picture, teams Beer, Masala 6 and Brian’s Trust (in that order) came out tops. Beer and Brian’s Trust scored 6 points (they identified the Fontana di Trevi in Round 1), while Masala 6 only did so in Round 4, for 3 points. Thus Beer remained in top spot (49,5 points), with Brian’s Trust (46,5 points) and Masala 6 (45 point) coming in second and third respectively. Perhaps the teammates of Masala 6 need to pay more attention to detail when next they are in Rome (small joke). 

The other teams that participated, in alphabetical order, were:

•             Airborne Rangers

•             Limited Ability

•             Mixed Spice

•             Pipoca

•             The Biffos

•             The Professors 

Thank you for your support – without your presence there would be no Cascais Pub Quiz. 

During 2016, the Quiz raised € 1,091.73 for the children’s charity. On Sunday, 110 Euros were collected. Quizzers are not only a bright bunch, but generous too. Thank you! 

On the negative side, we were advised that two bottles of wine were not paid for after the Quiz. We would like to believe that this was merely an oversight. We appeal to the absentminded to settle up with the pub. Unpaid bills are a poor reflection on quiz goers.












by Cascais Live Team. Find out more about Cascais Live Team here.