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February 2014
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Meet: Ammi Person

February 20, 2014

 First published in ‘C – Boletim Municipal’ 


Ammi Person: A leading light of the Swedish Community  

Ammi Person


Ammi Person, Swedish by birth, world traveller by choice and currently a leader in the large Swedish expat community has been in Portugal for two and a half years – after extensive worldwide travels both by boat and by car. She and her husband Bo left Sweden in 1999 sailing their boat from Gothenburg down to southern Spain. In Ammi’s words, “We then had the pleasure to visit several nice ports in Portugal.”  Then their travels continued. They relocated to Locarno, Switzerland for 12 years. “This was really a compromise, me wanting southern turf and my husband Bo wanting to be near skiing.” Eventually she got her way – but not without more travel through Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey, and a sailing venture down the west coast of the USA. Finally, they made their way back to this side of the Atlantic and, after some canvassing, they decided to settle in Cascais, which she describes as “nicely situated, a lovely town, great surroundings, good size, not too touristy, and of course nice people, native as well as the international community. From all our travels, we find Cascais best for us.” 

After some months in Cascais they finally felt their roots and, as Ammi says, “We took the bold decision to get a dog, a golden retriever, a beautiful boy from Sintra, by the name of Bandit!” Ammi’s foothold goes deep here, even though she’s a relative newcomer. She has an active interest in decoration and is an accomplished artist specializing in bird sculptures from driftwood. Visitors to her Cascais and Lisbon exhibitions extol her talent for design and execution. 

Ask a Swede and they all know Ammi. She is one of the two organizers of the many large luncheons for the Swedish Club that often draw 80-100 people. Ammi’s friends are numerous from her home country as well as others, including Portuguese, although she admits to faltering in her local language studies. Still, with Ammi’s outgoing and positive personality she gets by in any language and is a fine example of someone who can both take from and give back to the place she now calls “home”, Cascais.



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